MultiVersus: Best Jake Perks

In MultiVersus, Jake the Dog of Adventure Time fame is a formidable opponent. He's a powerful character, just like his partner Finn. But unlike the Assassin character Finn the Human, Jake is a hybrid melee/DPS fighter called a Bruiser who packs a serious punch. He's all about dishing out some serious damage, and you'll want to use the best perks possible to make sure that happens.

Jake is a great choice for a main that's about getting in hits at close range, as most of his attacks are perfect for chaining together combos. Jake can use his arm to transform into various weapons, like a spiky ball, which translates into moves that can pierce through opponents' armor and keep enemies at arm's length.

That's why you should make sure you assign a combo of the best possible perks in MultiVersus to Jake in a bid to complement his play style. You can make his punches more powerful and his presence an even more threatening one, all by using setting-specific perk options in the menu.

But there are so many perks to choose from in MultiVersus that it can be frustrating to decipher which ones make the most sense for your time with Jake. Which are the best perks for Jake in MultiVersus? We've got you covered, so you can start winning this Super Smash Bros.-like game with ease.

MultiVersus: Jake the Dog Perks
Jake the Dog competes against characters like Batman, Harley Quinn and Arya Stark in "MultiVersus." Warner Bros. Games

MultiVersus: Best Jake the Dog Perks

For Jake the Dog and his Bruiser class, there are a few perks you're going to want to set if you want to get the most out of playing as this Adventure Time character in MultiVersus.

Jake has two signature perks:

Sticky (Unlocked at Level 8)
Stay Limber, Dude (Unlocked at Level 10)

Both of these perks are useful overall, and can work better individually in different situations. However, Sticky is the better option here, as it stuns any enemies that Jake touches while stretching out. That's an added effect that you don't have to activate. While Stay Limber, Dude will grant you Jake's Heavy ability once more after he performs a slam, it isn't always the most useful option in every battle. You'll be far better off with Sticky enabled.

Suggested regular perks for Jake:

Lumpy Space Punch (Unlocked at Level 2)

This Offense perk will help Jake deal additional damage with melee attacks in the air. Jake makes this look easy with his powerful Bruiser abilities, and he keeps them stunned with Sticky if he needs to reach out. Combine Lumpy Space Punch with Sticky and you'll deal plenty of damage no matter where Jake happens to be in the arena.

Triple Jump (Unlocked at Level 11)

Giving Jake another jump in addition to the two he gets by default means you can jump away after laying into an enemy. If you need to string together combos while in the air, you can just jump away and continue to keep enemies hitstunned while whaling on them.

Second Wind Beneath Your Wings (Unlocked at Level 12)

Giving Jake an additional air special after you ring another opponent means more time in the air for Jake. Combining Sticky with Lumpy Space Punch and Triple Jump should mean Jake is already getting plenty of airtime. This should help you become a nearly unstoppable Jake player if you play your cards right.

A Jake build with these perks should help you wipe the floor with other players—or at least get closer to doing so.

MultiVersus is available to play for free now.