Will There Be a 'Single's Inferno' Season 2? All That's Been Said About a Second Series

Fans of Single's Inferno, the Korean dating show on Netflix, have been gagging for more following the show's finale, which aired in early January 2021.

The hit series, a collaboration with South Korea's JTBC network, was the first Korean reality show to join Netflix's top 10 global ranking back in early January, according to streaming analytics company Flixpatrol.

The series saw 12 people (six men and six women—who all happen to sport sculpted bodies and gorgeous looks) attempt to find true love on a remote island.

The contestants had to win each other over using only their "natural charm," given no knowledge about their backgrounds (including their ages and professions) and with no access to cell phones and social media.

The cast were given a chance to win special private dates on the island, as well as a "paradise" getaway at a luxury hotel with the person of their choosing, by taking part in different games.

Several tearful confessions, shocking choices and unexpected twists later, eight cast members got coupled up by the show's finale.

The latest status of these couples has not officially been confirmed. But fans of the show are itching for more real-life K-drama to unfold in a subsequent season.

Will There Be a Single's Inferno Season 2?

Fans will be glad to know a second season of Single's Inferno has been officially confirmed by Netflix in a statement on April 11, 2022.

Viewers expect to see "steamy moments, adrenaline-pumping dates and much more," in the second installment, the statement said.

According to South Korea's Star Today and other Korean media, Netflix said the show will be looking to cast singletons who will "win love over" using their "honest and confident charms."

The new contestants will be recruited through Netflix's social media channels, according to Korean media.

Further details, including the exact release date of the Single's Inferno Season 2, have yet to be revealed.

What Would Single's Inferno Season 2 Look Like?

Back in mid-January, Kim Na-hyun from the production team, who will be co-directing Single's Inferno Season 2, told South Korea's News Culture that given the great response the series had from abroad, she believes the next season "could be even more fun and entertaining" to make.

According to the Korea JoonAng Daily, Kim said the next series could perhaps see the contestants spend a longer amount of time together on the island.

"From the feedback we've heard from the contestants, they pointed out that the time period of eight nights and nine days seem [sic] to be too short for them to really get to know each other, so we might consider expanding the number of days," she said, the South Korean publication reported on January 19.

"We are also considering how to diversify the games they play, but we do not believe that the concept of Single's Inferno will drastically change for Season 2," she added.

Kim Jae-won, who is also co-directing the second season, noted that emotions ran high throughout the show because the cast members are "cut off from the outside world without smartphones and can only focus on dating."

He explained it's "why I believe they [the cast] were sometimes clumsy and awkward even though they're highly attractive people and I think it's one of the factors that people were entertained by, so that's an important factor that we would keep."

Noting the producers have kept open the possibility of working again with the Single's Inferno cast members, such as Song Jia, who has drawn much attention since the show, he told News Culture in mid-January that the contestants are "very 'hot' right now and loved by many people."

"So if there is a program with a format that's suitable, I would like to cast them for it," he said, adding: "I think it would be really fun to work with them again."

Update 4/14/22, 5:12 a.m. ET: This article was updated with more information from Netflix.

Stills from "Singles Inferno" on Netflix.
Cast members from "Singles Inferno" are seen in stills from the Netflix series. The show's producers have both said that they are keen to do a Season 2. Netflix