Newlyweds Slammed for Choosing Mickey Mouse Appearance Over Food at Wedding

A Disney-obsessed husband and wife have been blasted online after it emerged they spent the last of their wedding budget on an appearance by Mickey and Minnie Mouse rather than provide food for their guests.

Though some adults may balk at the idea of continuing to engage with the magical make-belief world of Disney, experts have suggested that indulging in children's animation in later years can be beneficial to mood and general mental health.

Psychotherapist Dr. Laurel Steinberg told Vice: "Kids' cartoons can be a support treatment because they incorporate themes like community order, friendship, family, teamwork, that good always wins over evil, and that the sun will always come out tomorrow."

She added: "They can help restore optimism and give someone a break from worrying or feeling sad, all of which can elevate mood."

But when does an appreciation for the works of Walt Disney spill over into something less healthy? For many taking to social media, the answer came in a recent Reddit post shared by a Mickey Mouse-loving newly-wed woman.

The post, written under the handle throwaway_family9525, was originally removed from the platform by moderators while the comments section was locked following a slew of negative reactions.

However, by then, the post had also been shared to Twitter, with one version of the account, tweeted out by theashrb earning over 3,000 retweets and 38,000 likes. Once again, the response was not a happy one.

In the post, a 28-year-old woman, who got married two months ago in a "dream wedding" described how she came away from her big day convinced "everything was perfect."

"My parents and his parents helped us pay for a great chunk of the wedding so we would be debt free and we are so eternally grateful for that," she explained.

However, in recent weeks, she became aware that her aunt has "started posting on Facebook about how disappointed she was with the whole ordeal" and, worse still, several guests appeared to be siding with her.

The "ordeal" in question related to the wedding reception and the decision not to offer any catering or bar services because the money allotted for this had been put towards "having a wedding Minnie and Mickey make appearances" on their special day.

"My fiancée and I are huge Disney fans, and we travel to Disney World as much as we can throughout the year," she explained. "Disney is such an important part not only to us, but also our marriage.

According to the post, a 30-minute appearance from two people dressed up as the characters cost "almost exactly" what they had set aside for catering.

"So we scheduled an appearance during our first dance and our wedding photos, forgoing served food," she wrote, "Though there were PLENTY of facilities at the venue where people could eat."

Despite their parents remaining "very supportive" of their plans, many of the guests have been posting "passive aggressive" messages online criticizing the idea. But, if the reaction to her post online was anything to go by, the guests were right to feel aggrieved.

On Reddit, one user wrote: "People took time out of their lives to celebrate you and feeding your guests is a standard expectation and part of a wedding. Blowing a food budget on character appearances is just not the look sis."

Another agreed, writing: "Feed your guests. They are GUESTS. What you did was incredibly rude," with a third asking: "Are you telling me that you honestly don't understand how childishly self-centred and inappropriate it was to spend the ENTIRE budget your parents allotted to feeding the guests . . . on 30 minutes of something that was SOLELY for your personal entertainment?"

The response was similarly vociferous on Twitter. "Imagine thinking having cartoon characters appear at your wedding is more important than feeding your guests," one person said. "Tacky does not describe it."

Another commented: "People can find pleasure in whatever they want, but paying for an adult in a Disney costume is insane. Especially when that deprives your guests of food."

Despite the backlash, some felt the couple's guests still came off as ungrateful. One person wrote: "If you have to bribe people [with food] to attend a meaningful event or they won't come, do you really want those people at the event ?"

Others, meanwhile, could see both sides, with one commenter writing: "As long as you tell me food is not being served I'm good so I won't come hungry. I just think it's funny that as adults they value Disney World THAT much."

Newsweek has contacted throwaway_family9525 for comment.

A bride and groom with Mickey Mouse.
Stock image of a married couple and a Minnie and Mickey Mouse - a woman who claims she spent her wedding catering budget on an appearance by Mickey Mouse has sparked fury on social media. Michael Blann/Mark Ashman/Disney/Getty