Nine-Months-Pregnant Woman Jumps Into Pool To Save Her Son From Drowning

A heavily pregnant woman jumped into a pool to save her toddler from drowning, with the dramatic rescue caught on camera and shared to TikTok.

The mother of three was filming her two eldest boys splashing around in their pool, when disaster struck. Her youngest toppled off an underwater step and into the deeper part of the water, and begins visibly struggling.

The mom's split-second reaction was caught on the family's CCTV camera, which was overlooking their backyard.

The woman immediately throws down her phone and runs around to the side where her kids are. She hauls herself into the water and grabs her son, now beneath the surface. She quickly lifts him to safety, popping him on the edge of the pool.

The mom shared the heart-stopping scene to her TikTok account, 3 Boy's crazy life, last month. The footage has been watched more than 13 million times already. The clip, which can be seen here, was captioned: "9th month of pregnancy, saving my small one from falling into the pool."

Her TikTok account indicates she has since given birth to a baby boy.

She added that it was her three-year-old who fell in the pool, at an unknown location. Despite her lightning-fast reaction, people criticized the mom for being on the phone, her boys for not wearing floaties, and a lack of gate around the pool.

Lisa Foster raged: "Clearly he can't swim so why are you "supervising" them whilst you play on your phone? He can't save himself you can't risk a distraction."

Similarly Sue Monro asked: "If you know the water was deep for the kids to be in why would you take that chance in the first place?"

Crystal Batson asked: "Why is there no pool fence? I just couldn't. Too bad if they sneak out during the night, it's an accident waiting to happen."

Hunterboy2450 pointed out: "Give them some floaters and that won't happen."


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Defending her, Bethannie Rose819 said: "The fact you're all saying she's on her phone yet she was fully paying attention, did you see how fast her response was from when her child fell."

"As a lifeguard rule 10:20, 10 seconds to notice and 20 seconds to get there and help. She did it a heck of a lot quicker than that," Helen pointed out.

"Phone or not she got there in seconds which means she was paying more attention to her children than her phone. What's everyone's problem," Samantha Jade commented.

After the video blew up, and she received multiple questions about her parenting, the mom revealed she was in fact filming her boys splashing around.

"I was filming the kids... wait for the movie from my phone which recorded my son jumping into the water," she stated.

A few days later she did share the clip from her own perspective, which explains why she jumped up so quickly to rescue her son—as she was watching him on the screen.

"What really happened," she captioned the video, shot on her phone, which can be seen here.

And responding to people asking why there was no gate around the pool, she filmed the retractable cover.

"It's not dangerous at all, and more secure than a fence. Gate can be opened. Child can't open this one... it doesn't close by itself. You obviously check that no one is there. It's a family pool," she wrote.

Newsweek reached out to 3 Boy's crazy life for comment.

File photo of a boy swimming.
File photo of a boy swimming. A woman who was nine-months-pregnant jumped into a pool to save her son from drowning. Bicho_raro/Getty Images

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