'What an Attempt': Package Delivery Fail Ignites Viral Debate

An alleged attempt to deliver a package is turning heads, sparking a debate over the surprising way the item was left behind.

The viral Reddit post where the photo can be seen is titled, "To deliver the package," and it has 14,500 upvotes since it was shared on April 22 to the subreddit "There Was an Attempt."

According to the U.S. Postal Service, only USPS personnel have the authority to put items in the mailbox. Companies like UPS and FedEx can't deliver to mailboxes, and that's why they go straight to your door.

USPS workers aren't allowed to leave packages outside the mailbox though. The Western-Salem Journal reported that Monica Coachman, a spokeswoman for USPS, told the publication, "Leaving packages on the ground, next to the mailbox is a violation of postal policy."

Redditor @OddBird_S shared the post, which included a photo that has since gone viral. In the image, a number of slender mailboxes, all attached, were stationed outside a building, and in one of the small, individual mail slots there was a large package—roughly three feet long and two feet wide—stuffed inside by its corner.

It didn't fit, and almost all of the package was hanging outside open to the elements and theft. Only a small portion of the corner of the package managed to get inside the mailbox.

A mail carrier's transport sticker was visible, but can't be read clearly. Newsweek was unable to verify the source of the photo or if it was a joke at the time of publication.

Over 100 comments poured in over the mailing mishap, and a debate ensued over the plausibility of the situation. "This wasn't an attempt," a Redditor said. "This was accomplished!"

Man checking mail
A delivery package fail has ignited a viral debate online. Here, a man checking his mailbox. CHAMELEONSEYE/GETTY

Some people didn't think the main carrier left the package like that. "They aren't allowed to leave the mailbox in the open position," a viewer reasoned. "This was done by the original poster then he took a picture of it."

While another Redditor wondered if the mailbox could be considered open. "The flap is open, but anyone can open the flap, so it doesn't really matter whether it is left open or not," the viewer added.

Others were expecting more creative ways of getting the package to fit. "Honestly surprised they didn't try to fold it first," a user said.

Some people saw the humor in the viral photo. "There's a bit sticking out," a viewer said, while another Redditor joked, "I am pretty sure no one will notice."

Others were intrigued by the package drop-off. "I'm honestly impressed by this," a viewer said.

Another viewer had questions about delivering packages. "How the f**k are you supposed to deliver it then?" they said. "Knock on the door?"

Other comments of approval included things like, "Task failed successfully," "What an attempt it was," and "This made me laugh decently. Also looks delivered to me."

Newsweek reached out to Redditor @OddBird_S for comment.

This isn't the only viral moment involving mail delivery. A wife tricked her husband with an Amazon delivery prank. An alleged UPS driver shared the sheer number of packages he delivers in a day. In addition, a package thief was set up with a package of bricks and chased down the street.