You Can Now Get Paid $500 If You Can Handle Some Seriously Spicy Hot Sauce

Calling all spice lovers—you can now get paid $500 if you're able to handle the heat as a hot sauce tester.

If you always go for a vindaloo or Nando's Xtra hot, then it's time to put your taste buds of steel to good use.

The team at Wishlisted is looking to hire an "Official Hot Sauce Tester," who will be sent around seven bottles of heat from various brands.

They joked the role could also be referred to as a "sommelier of hot sauces, a surveyor of spiciness, and a specialist of the Scoville scale."

They confirmed the condiments will range from "mild to atomic," so you'd better have some water to hand.

And there are no rules over what to pair the sauce with, although they recommended chicken wings and pizza, but you can eat it by the spoonful if you're up for a challenge.

After slathering the sauce all over their plate, the tester will be tasked with reviewing each make, ranking them from their most to least favorite.

They'll need to articulate exactly what they liked, or disliked, about each one, and which combinations they tried it with, or would recommend.

After completing the questionnaire and sharing their "honest opinion," the reviewer will pocket $500.

A spokesperson from Wishlisted said: "We wanted a fun and engaging way to celebrate the hot sauce community and their fans for National Hot Sauce Day.

"We thought, what's better than getting PAID to sample some of the best hot sauces around AND be labelled Wishlisted's Official Hot Sauce Tester!"

To be in with a shot of getting the gig, you'll need to fill out a form, available here, by January 31.

If you're the chosen one you'll get the cash, the hot sauces and "Hot Sauce Survival Gear," which we hope includes tissues and milk.

You'll have to answer "why are your taste buds qualified to sample hot sauce," among other questions designed to gauge your love of spice.

But if you prefer making money off another one of your senses, hearing, you're in luck as another company is looking to pay a recent singleton $1,100 to listen to break-up songs.

FinanceBuzz is looking for "DJ of heartache" to listen and categorize the famous famous love songs into five playlists, intended to become "the soundtrack of every break-up phase."

The five stages include denial, anger, relapse, depression and acceptance—aka moving on.

To apply, share your go-to love song with the team by filling in a form here by January 31.

File photo of chillies.
File photo of chillies. A company is looking to pay someone $500 to review hot sauces. 19msa05/Getty Images