Mom Backed for Telling Adult Daughter How To Spend Money They Lent Her

With families across the country feeling the financial strain of market forces now more than ever, it can really pay to be frugal.

However, the concept of belt-tightening comes easier for some than others.

In a study of over 1,000 Americans conducted by personal finance website The Ascent earlier this year, 79 percent of respondents said they believed they were wasting more money than they should.

Respondents also estimated they wasted an average of $139 per month, with the average cost of their most significant waste of money calculated at $521.

An older mom scolding her daughter.
Stock image of an older woman speaking angrily to a younger woman - a woman has reacted angrily to being told how to spend her money after borrowing a significant sum from her parents. fizkes/Getty

For some, this lack of frugality can lead to financial issues. That was the case for one woman in her 50s who took to Mumsnet to detail how she and her husband have been forced to "borrow money over quite a long period" from her mother and father.

However, she's since expressed frustration on the social media platform that said borrowing has seemingly come with some conditions. But while the woman appeared eager to rail against her mom's interference, many following along wondered whether they might actually be in the right.

According to the post, the woman's mom has "a tendency to interfere" which often sees her telling them "how to spend" their money and that they "shouldn't buy certain things."

"One of her phrases is 'Cut your coat according to your cloth,'" the woman said.

Her mom's constant nit-picking is driving her husband to distraction. "He hates the fact we've had to borrow so much," the woman said.

Since being loaned money by her parents, she's also picked up on the fact they appear to be monitoring and commenting on their spending habits.

In one instance, when she and her husband went on a rare meal out, her mom was heard saying "ooh moneybags," with the woman expressing frustration that she now feels like they have to "justify" their spending.

"I can understand her concern because it really is a large amount and we won't be able to pay it all back, although we're trying our best," the woman wrote.

But while the woman appeared at the end of her tether with her mom, many online felt she was right to keep a close eye on their spending.

TokyoSushi said: "If they have to keep lending to you because you're wasting money, then fair enough," with Hoppinggreen adding: "If your mother thinks you are wasting money after she has lent you a large amount then I can see why she might comment."

Candelabra noted that "if she's lent you a lot and you still need more she may be getting frustrated," though they did add: "it is her choice to lend you the money in the first place."

TrulyWeird1 commented: "Ultimately if the money is a loan, and not a gift, then I can understand how DM would be interested in how it was being spent," while abovedecknotbelow concluded: "If you're having to borrow money from your mom in your 50s then you're not cutting your cloth are you?"

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