'Stunning!': People Are Amazed by Man's Oil Painting of His Parents' Dog

A man's realistic oil painting of his parent's dog is capturing the appreciation of viewers on Reddit in a now-viral post.

The Reddit post is titled, "My oil painting of my parents' dog, Sheona. I hope you enjoy!" With 67,800 upvotes and over a thousand comments, viewers in the subreddit "Aww" have been adding their positive opinions on the artwork since it was shared on March 29.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national estimate of wages in 2020 for fine artists, such as painters, sculptors, and illustrators equated to $52,340 a year as the median annual wage. However, that number can fluctuate from $19,570 to $122,900 a year according to estimates.

The eyes of the dog are so captivating and beautiful.
compliment from viewer

One such artist and the creator of this oil painting, Scott Mitchell, told Newsweek that he's been painting for about 10 years and started out painting people but eventually transitioned into painting pets.

The Reddit post, shared by Mitchell under the user name @Hara-Kiri, featured a close-up painting of a black and white English Cocker Spaniel against a dark background with floppy ears of soft, black curls and glistening brown eyes looking directly back at the viewer. Sheona looks almost real enough to touch.

The dog has a white patch going from her snout up between her eyes, with the rest of her face and ears in black with touches of brown. Sheona's shoulders are a spotted mix of black and white as well.

The features almost make the image look like a photograph with fine details including individual hairs on the dog as well as her whiskers.

English Cocker Spaniel
People are amazed by a man's oil painting of his parents' dog. Here, an English Cocker Spaniel amidst a blue background. LEONIEKVANDERVLIET/GETTY

According to Mitchell's website, the professional portrait artist specializes in realistic oil paintings. He creates masterpieces from photos, and people can commission the artist for work. He paints animals and people as well as flora and fauna.

People didn't hold back with their opinions on the portrait that looks like a photograph. Comments of appreciation included things like, "Just freaking amazing," and "Wow, looks so real!"

Many were impressed at the artist's skill on display in the work. "That painting is amazing!" a Redditor said. "I instantly felt emotion when I looked into those cute doggo eyes, and it's not even a picture! You are extremely talented!"

Some were pulled in by Sheona's eyes in the portrait. "The eyes of the dog are so captivating and beautiful," a viewer said.

One Redditor called the painting "amazing," adding, "My brain can't comprehend how people can create such astonishing pieces of art. Keep up the wonderful work."

While another viewer thanked the artist for sharing the piece online. "So incredible!" they also wrote. "What an eye you have for exquisite detail. You have a talent I admire deeply. Beautiful work and something to be very proud of."

Some didn't even realize it was a painting at first, while others were just stunned. "This is simply beautiful," a Redditor weighed in. "So skillfully rendered and such love and personality were captured. I'm in awe!"

People and pets aren't his only interest, though. Now, Mitchell told Newsweek he's got his eye on a new prize.

"Since I found I enjoyed painting animals too, I have started building a portfolio of wildlife art of animals in action. Entering the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year competition last year, I was honored to have my painting highly commended by the judges. I have entered again this year and look forward to seeing where this new line of wildlife art will take me."

He's not the only artist making headlines this year. Last month, an artist made a gigantic T-Rex out of snow, paint, and wood. In January, a woman used her art skills to get the attention of her dream employer, and another showed what the Statue of Liberty would look like if she were alive.