Watch Moment 4 Power Station Towers Are Demolished in Huge Explosion

The incredible moment four colossal power station towers were blown up in a deafening explosion was caught on camera.

Each tower stood at 374 feet (ft) tall and was made with 11,000 tons of reinforced concrete, which sent plumes of dust and debris shooting into the air when they came down.

The cooling towers of Eggborough Power Station, in Yorkshire, England, were leveled in a controlled demolition on Sunday morning, after the site was decommissioned in 2018.

The 2,000-megawatt site originally had eight towers, with the initial group demolished in August of this year.

Construction News reported it took a staggering 18-months to plan the explosion, owing to a nearby National Grid substation and overhead power lines.

Screengrab of Eggborough power plant demolition.
Screengrab of Eggborough power plant demolition. Four remaining towers at the site were toppled in a controlled explosion. DSM Demolition Ltd/Storyful

The website named DSM Demolition as the company behind the implosion, and quoted project manager James Fincham saying the team was now getting the site ready for further demolition, scheduled for next year.

Currently, a 66ft chimney remains on the site, website PowerStationsUK indicates, which is believed to be next in line to be demolished.

The early-morning blast was heard—and felt—by residents for more than 20 miles around, local news site Doncaster Free Press reported.

The paper stated road closures were enforced around the power station, and security guards patrolled an 1148 ft exclusion zone which was set up.

The site claimed the coal-fired generating plant was shut down as it was no longer financially viable, with the site earmarked for regeneration.

The towering structures had graced the skyline of Yorkshire, built where the four counties—north, south, east and west—meet, for more than 50 years, after it began generating electricity in 1967.

Sharing more about its history, PowerStationsUK said: "Construction began in 1962 and the first unit started generating electricity in 1967. Construction was completed by September 1970."

Screengrab of Eggborough power plant demolition.
Screengrab of Eggborough power plant demolition. The 2,000-megawatt site initially began generating electricity in 1967. DSM Demolition Ltd/Storyful

In related news, at least five people were injured in an explosion at a chemical plant in Louisiana.

The explosion occurred at Westlake Chemical's Petro Complex 2 Unit, located at LA Hwy 108 and LA Hwy 27 in Sulphur, on Monday night, according to local authorities.

The explosion is said to have happened at around 11 pm, with the cause of the blaze under investigation.

Trooper Derek Senegal, of the Louisiana State Police, told Newsweek: "The actual cause of the explosion is still under investigation. The fire is out and the emergency services technicians have left the scene and are expected to return later today."

Senegal claimed at least five contracted employees were rushed to the hospital following the incident.