Praise for Dad Ending Daughter's Engagement Party Over Fiancé's Mean Remark

A dad has been praised for ending his daughter's engagement party over a cruel remark her fiancé made to his other daughter.

The dad of two took to Reddit under username u/Same-Aspect-4379, as he explained that daughters Olivia, 23, and Joyce, 17, "don't get along" because the girls have very different personalities.

That's not all, as he explained: "Besides that Joyce has multiple health conditions that cause her to faint from time to time. Olivia thinks that Joyce uses her conditions to keep attention on her but I don't believe this for a second.

"Joyce can't make anything up especially when she faints. Whether it be at a birthday party or wedding or any other event."

The issue reared its head after Olivia's boyfriend, Kirk, 24, proposed, and the dad decided to host the celebration party at their house. His future son-in-law's parents weren't fans of the match.

File photo of balloons in the trash.
A file photo of balloons in the trash. A dad has been praised for ending his daughter's engagement party over a cruel remark her fiancé made. Tatiana Stepanishcheva/Getty Images

The Knot magazine says it's tradition for the bride's parents to host.

The guestlist was larger than anticipated, and as the festivities got under way the dad said: "Joyce was staying upstairs because she said she felt a little sick so we let her.

"But my brother insisted that she come downstairs and celebrate her sister's happy occasion, Joyce got dressed and joined us. I noticed she wasn't feeling well. I asked her several times if she was okay and she said 'yes'.

"Then minutes later she suddenly fell after she got up from her seat. We all panicked though she didn't faint, only reeled off balance for [a] few seconds."

Joyce's sudden turn sparked a reaction from the happy couple, as the dad said: "Olivia started mumbling something but Kirk got up and said 'Don't mind her, she's once again just being an attention seeking B%$#'.

"I was shocked, I asked him what he said but Olivia got involved and said that he was right and Joyce was trying to steal attention from her that night. I got so mad I called the party off and told them both to get the f%$% out of my house.

"My wife and Olivia freaked out and begged that I let this go and they'd have Kirk apologize for this particular line but I was having none of it and had them leave."

He claims Olivia was crying amid the fallout, as the dad continued: "My brother jumped to defend her saying I overreacted and Kirk was just mad and misspoke but I told him 'Listen, if they're going to disrespect my daughter in her own house then we're going to have a problem'.

"Everyone left and my wife didn't stop berating me for doing this and ruining our daughter's celebration and making her resent us."

He asked for thoughts over whether he overreacted, with the post, which can be read here, racking up more than 10,000 interactions since being posted on Sunday.

Overall Redditors felt there wasn't enough information to make a sweeping judgment on the situation, although they backed the dad standing up for Joyce.

Viewierspy17 pointed out: "NTA Kirk insulted your daughter who had a MEDICAL condition which is something she can't control and Olivia agreed with her. I say good for you for protecting your daughter."

Cfiznuts said: "NTA. When someone shows you who they are, believe them!!! ETA: protecting your children is your main job as a parent and you were doing that."

Quick-Permission1039 wrote: "NTA—I think you handled it well. I can't even imagine how livid I'd be if my son in law called my child with medical conditions a b*%#€. I genuinely think you did what you had to do."

ABeerAndABook raved: "NTA. Good job protecting Joyce from the bullies in the family. Sounds like OPs brother isn't a fan of her either, which is perhaps the most disgusting part of this story."

Listen, if they're going to disrespect my daughter in her own house then we're going to have a problem."

Little_owl211 replied: "NTA. You did the right thing defending your daughter. Who tf insults a sick child in front of her father, and then expects people to just be ok with it??? They had it coming and I don't know why your wife is defending this grown ass man's disgusting actions."

PenPenLane commented: "NTA If someone called my daughter that, that would be the last time they were ever in my house, safely."

Chiara985 said: "Op sorry but your brother is disgusting. Good jop [job] protecting your daughter. NTA."

Extreme-Mushroom2470 reckoned: "NTA. Her fiancé ruined the celebration, and then Olivia continued."

While PassingTime82 replied: "NTA you did exactly what any parent should do."

Although Keirathyl added: "YTA. It's obvious Joyce is the golden child and that because of her medical conditions you have put her first for a long time and now there's resentment towards Joyce because of your favoritism."

The University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) explained more about fainting spells, saying: "Fainting is also called syncope. It's a brief loss of consciousness. It lasts just a minute or two, followed by a quick complete recovery.

"This is typically linked with a loss of postural tone which leads to falling down or needing to lie down. In an otherwise healthy person, fainting may not be cause for alarm. But in rare cases, it can be a sign of a serious underlying health condition.

"Syncope is usually caused by a sudden drop in blood pressure or heart rate that causes decreased blood flow to the brain. Before fainting, you may have sweaty palms, dizziness, lightheadedness, problems seeing, or nausea."

Newsweek reached out to u/Same-Aspect-4379 for comment.

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