Prince Harry's Fiancée Meghan Markle Is Related to William Shakespeare and Winston Churchill

Meghan Markle is related to Shakespeare and Churchill
Meghan Markle during an official photocall to announce the engagement of Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle at The Sunken Gardens at Kensington Palace in London, November 27, 2017. Chris Jackson/Getty

Meghan Markle is set to take up British citizenship after she marries the U.K.'s Prince Harry. But it turns out the actor already has some impressive roots in Britain—she is related to both William Shakespeare and Winston Churchill.

Prince Harry's American bride-to-be is Shakespeare's fifth cousin 13 times removed, according to genealogy service, which looked into Markle's family tree following news of her engagement to Harry, 33, Monday.

Shakespeare is, of course, the world's most famous playwright best known for his great romantic works, like Romeo and Juliet, so it's befitting the Bard's descendant is swept up in a modern day love story (hopefully, minus the tragedy).

Markle, 36, is related to Shakespeare on her father's side and Shakespeare's mother's side. They share ancestors John Whalesborough, born in 1369, and his wife Joan Whalesborough.

Meghan Markle and Shakespeare family tree
Meghan Markle and Shakespeare family tree MyHeritage

The familial ties between Markle and Churchill, Britain's wartime prime minister during World War II, are even closer. They are sixth cousins five times removed and related via Zachariah Howe, born in Essex County, Massachusetts, in 1640. Howe was a descendant of British settlers who originated from the U.K. county of Essex. The connection is through Markle's paternal family.

"When we heard the wonderful news about Harry and Meghan's engagement, we wanted to help Meghan discover some English roots of her own. I'm sure she will be delighted to know that she comes from such prestigious British stock," a spokesperson for tells Newsweek.

"We are not sure if Ms Markle is aware of her connection to such eminent Britons, however, it seems that she was always destined to be a Brit."

Making matters all the more complicated, Markle and Harry may also have shared ancestry

The U.K.'s Metro reported in October the engaged couple are descendants of Ralph Bowes, a 15th century British high sheriff whose bloodline traces through to the Queen Mother, Harry's great-grandmother.

Meghan Markle and Churchill family tree
Meghan Markle and Churchill family tree MyHeritage