Internet Backs Worker Who Quit After Boss Threatened Them With Health Insurance

Health insurance, along with paying bills and keeping a roof over your head, is one of the chief benefits of having a job in America.

Even with insurance, many citizens find themselves out of pocket.

Quitting may not be an option for those with pre-existing or underlying health conditions, but even with insurance many citizens find themselves out of pocket.

Statistics show that nearly 50 percent of U.S. citizens are insured through their employer, just like Redditor Bluepiehax.

Their boss wielded this cover as a weapon, demanding an employee forgo their day off due to the company being short-staffed.

Bluepiehax shared a text chain with their superior to r/antiwork, revealing they worked at a bar in the U.S., although they didn't confirm the location.

The initial message from the employer says: "Hey, Becky canceled on Saturday, I'll need you to come in and cover for her."

Unimpressed, the staff member replied bluntly: "That's not my problem. Saturday is my day off and I've been working eight days straight and really need it."

The boss refused to budge, responding: "I'm sorry, we're short staffed, I need you." But the worker also didn't back down, simply stating: "I'm not coming in so."

Seemingly trying to end the conversation, the boss snapped back: "You have to. I'll see you Saturday."

But Bluepiehax stuck to their guns, and told their boss they wouldn't be at work, pointing out "you can't make me."

Things escalated when the employee then dangled health insurance as a threat, or incentive, saying: "You sure you want to do this? You really want to put your health insurance on the line."

Seemingly having enough, Bluepiehax asked: "What are you going to do, fire me?" They acknowledged the establishment had recently lost two members of staff in recent weeks.

Remote file
Bluepiehax post of their text exchange.

The boss typed: "I don't accept that type of attitude. Last chance. I'll see you Saturday or I won't see you again."

Rather than work for days on end with no break, Bluepiehax decided enough was enough, and wrote: "Did you really just threaten me with health insurance? Whatever I'm done with this. You can consider this my notice. I've had enough of your bulls***."

Despite losing their cover, Bluepiehax stuck by their decision, writing in their post: "This sub gave me the motivation to finally quit my abusive job. I may not have health insurance, but I feel so free!"

Since being shared on Tuesday the messages have been upvoted 100,000 times, and sparked a debate over health care in the U.S.

Bluepiehax called for reform, saying the issue of healthcare kept them "hostage for so long" in their job, and the messages were "the last straw."

They added they were "so glad to be out," and confirmed they'd contacted a lawyer about the events.

Responding to a comment about toxic managers, Bluepiehax wrote: "This is the unfortunate reality for so many people, especially during these crazy times. You're lucky to have not had a toxic manager. Many are not."

Lyzerene suggested: "Take this to your local labor relations office. Employers can't make threats like that. Go win some money for yourself and get another job. There's still like 10 million open positions."

Potat_Eatr raved: "Good for you! And good luck!"

Intelligent_Ask_6337 pointed out: "If you have any health issues that depend on insurance like insulin. It's a slam dunk."

Bumblebe86 commented: "To hold health insurance over your head like that is actually horrific."

Ferninja added: "Considering lack of health insurance can actually be life threatening in some situations this is truly awful."

3DCatFancy thought: "Gatekeeping access to medical care is just another form of slavery."

Newsweek has reached out to Bluepiehax for comment.

File photo of texts and forms.
File photo of texts and forms. A Redditor has been applauded for quitting their job, despite it leaving them with no healthcare. vinnstock / grinvalds/Getty Images