Dog Stranded on 36th Floor Ledge For 10 Days Rescued

A dog stranded on the 36th floor of a building in Turkey has been rescued by the local fire department after being stuck on a ledge for around 10 days.

The dog, which was trapped on the 36th floor of a 38-story building in the Hadımköy Akçaburgaz District of Istanbul, Turkey, for 10 days, was rescued after local residents saw it occasionally walk towards the edge of the building, Turkish newspaper Millî Gazete reported on Monday.

The residents reported the dog to the local authorities, and firefighters from the Avcılar Fire Brigade Group Headquarters responded to the building that is currently under construction.

The firefighters, alongside local police officers, climbed the stairs up to the 36th floor, where they saw the dog looking nervous as they approached it.

After calming the dog down, the firefighters used a net to make sure the animal was safe, as it was then transported down the 36 stories to the ground.

The Gazete reported that the dog was weak as it had not eaten for 10 days since becoming trapped on the 36th floor of the building. No information on how the dog ended up on the floor has been reported.

After being carried to the ground, the dog was given to officials from the Esenyurt Municipality Veterinary Directorate, where it underwent a health check.

Photos shared with the Gazete, taken by firefighters, showed the dog lying on the ledge in the sun without any protection to stop it falling to the ground if it slipped.

It is common for dogs to find themselves stuck in places they should not be, and in May, a group of first responders worked for around five hours to rescue a dog trapped in a cast iron pipe.

The rescue mission took place in Kennett, Missouri, on Thursday, May 20, after the dog got its head stuck in the pipe that was part of equipment used on a potato farm.

Kennett Fire Department Chief Paul Spain told Newsweek that the dog was believed to have gotten stuck in the Black Gold potato farm's harvesting and planting pipe system days before the rescue.

"At some point within the past few days, they had noticed a dog that had managed to get its head stuck in a cast-iron pipe," Spain said. "It was about five inches, then reduced to about three inches.

"This animal, they say it was probably chasing a rabbit or some other animal, and it chased it into the pipe. Evidently, the little girl, her head went in too far and she became trapped."

After the rescue team worked for around five hours, the dog was freed from the pipe and was taken to a vet.

Newsweek has contacted the Istanbul Fire Department for comment on the rescue.

Dog rescued from Istanbul building
A file photo of a dog waiting for its owners. A dog was rescued from the 36th floor of a building in Istanbul after being stranded for 10 days. Nakhon Ratchasima/EyeEm via iStock Getty Images