Internet Shocked After Hearing What a Rottweiler 'Purring' Sounds Like

Purring isn't just associated with cats. In fact, Rottweilers are known to do it—but the sound is far from similar.

In a viral TikTok video, Bear the Rottweiler can be heard "purring" while just inches away from his owner's face as she brushes his paws. The sound implies he is happy but it is similar to a growl and often mistaken for aggression. However, his owner doesn't appear to be frightened or in danger.

The TikTok clip shared by Ryan Prater (@ryanprater4) has 11.1 million views and over 180,000 likes. But the popularity of the video may be for the wrong reasons as many TikTok users who commented seem to be scared.

Two screenshots of Bear the Rottweiler showing his teeth as he purrs while his owner, Kayla, brushes his paws. He stops when Kayla gives him attention. Instagram/ryanprater4

Speaking to Newsweek, Prater, 33, said: "Bear is very close to me and my partner Kayla. I've explained to people on TikTok that he is one of a kind. I've never had a dog like him and never will again. Some Rotties grumble and maybe it was encouraged at a young age but with Bear, I know when he is mad, happy, sad, or needs to go outside—we're on that level.

"Bear has never growled with a stranger or kids and has never bit snapped or even tried. He honestly doesn't know he's a dog."

'This Behavior Is Typically Interpreted as Aggressive or Dominant'

Veterinarian Nell Ostermeier told Newsweek that the "purring," also known as the "Rottie Rumble," shouldn't be encouraged.

"While this behavior may be accepted and normal by this dog's family, it would not be generally perceived as normal by others. This behavior is typically interpreted as aggressive or dominant. In this case, it appears that the dog performs the behavior because he or she has been rewarded for it. That reward, based on the video, seems to be attention," said Ostermeier, the AKC Pet Insurance spokesperson.

"Typically, if a dog responds with this behavior, it should not be encouraged or rewarded because, while it may be safe in the dog's own home, it could easily be perceived as dangerous in public.

"Rottweilers are often given the stereotype of 'aggressive' or 'mean' and this video does not help to dispel that generalization. Many of these dogs are actually lovable and very loyal, so it is sad to see a video that is perpetuating the stereotype."

The viral clip shared on February 9 has 1,500 comments so far, and many of them are saying the same thing.

One comment with over 500 likes said: "absolutely UNACCEPTABLE," to which Bear's owner responded and said: "I accept it."

"Seems like he thinks he is in control," said one commenter.

"I need to learn more about dog behaviors because this scares me so much," another person wrote.

Speaking from experience, another person said: "Rotti rumble. My son's dog rumbles all the time, she is harmless."

Though some may see Rottweilers as dangerous, these dogs can also be lovable and sweet pets. Newsweek previously shared a story about a Rottweiler who learned how to kiss on demand and the heartwarming moment a dog of the same breed asked her owner for a morning snuggle.