Why Everyone Is Rubbing Underneath Their Tongues on TikTok

Just when you thought TikTok communities couldn't get any more eclectic, a bizarre trend that sees teens rub the vein underneath their tongues has emerged.

The short form video platform is not only a place to showcase dance moves, impeccable lip-syncing, comedic timing and culinary skills, it is also a hub for new and interesting trends and challenges.

In the last couple of months alone, we have seen makeup influencers use lube as primer, TikTokers recreate Squid Game's honeycomb cookie round and the adorable Bones Day challenge.

But this new tongue rubbing exercise is definitely one of the more NSFW fads. Here's what it all means.

Umm...so why are people rubbing under their tongues on TikTok?

According to users, the sensation of rubbing one's finger along the vein underneath the tongue is akin to touching a...well, penis.

It's not exactly clear who got the trend going in the first place, but many people have taken up the "challenge" in the past couple of weeks.

So far, over 23,700 videos with the hashtag #undertongue have been created, using an original sound from Vinnie.

While some users have been running their finger towards the tips of their tongues, others have recreated the motion lengthways so they can feel prominent veins and the lingual frenulum, the membrane that connects the muscle to the floor of the mouth.

Even actress Jordyn Jones has given the viral trend a go.

While many have shared their disbelief at just how authentic the texture feels, others weren't so sold...


I was like for why....are they rubbing the bottoms of their tongues like that?!🤣🤔 #curious #noitcantbe #MMKx007 #fypシ #wtf

♬ original sound - vinnie

Try it 💀 rub ur vein underneath yo tounge #fyp

♬ original sound - lizswinyerr

Some even ran with the trend to create a comedy routine.

So, there you have it!

TikTok Rubbing Under Tongue Challenge
Pictured: @amyjaynecharles (left) @jordynjones (right). People are rubbing underneath their tongues in a bizarre new TikTok challenge. TikTok @jordynjones @amyjaynecharles