'The Hoarder Pounder': Russian McDonald's Fan Stocks Up As Restaurants Close

A man in Russia's response to the closure of McDonald's stores across the country has gained a viral response after being shared on Reddit.

In the post shared on Wednesday that now has over 93,000 upvotes, Noah—who uses the handle noahstemann—posted a picture of his friend's fridge with the caption: "McDonald's is closing in Russia here is my friend's stash."

In the image, the fridge is packed with wrapped burgers from the iconic fast-food chain.

Noah told Newsweek: "I myself counted 61 burgers in there and there's more stuffed behind. He just really likes McDonald's and wanted to stock up."

This week, McDonald's announced that they would be temporarily closing all of its restaurants in Russia in response to the invasion of Ukraine, but would continue to support the chain's 62,000 employees.

In a statement, CEO Chris Kempczinski reaffirmed the company's support for the Ukrainian people amidst Russia's invasion of the country. "McDonald's has decided to temporarily close all our restaurants in Russia and pause all operations in the market," said Kempczinski.

Amazed by the dedication of the man, Reddit users flooded comments reacting to the image.

One user said: "Behold...the hoarder pounder," and another wrote: "McReheat."

Noah said: "He was going to try and sell some. This is a friend I talk to on the phone a lot—we are internet buddies. He bought mostly cheeseburgers, one of the cheapest items so he could buy in bulk. He spent about $150 (or 20,999.98 Russian Ruble) on about 50 burgers."

Another Redditor joked: "Looks like a White House party," nodding to Donald Trump serving stacks of burgers at the White House in 2019.

In other comments, users sent sympathy to the man in Russia, with one user writing: "In all seriousness, I'm sorry your neck of the woods got stuck with Putin. I hope things get better for Russia and Ukraine."

As sanctions on Russia continue to mount from around the world, the decision to close restaurants by McDonald's has been welcomed as the company makes a prominent statement against the invasion of Ukraine.

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine passes the two-week mark, the United Nations has reported that at least 516 civilians, including 37 children, have been killed, in addition to an estimated 5,000 and 6,000 deaths among Russian soldiers.

On Wednesday it was revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin is scheduled to meet with his cabinet in an attempt to stop the economic recession that his country is facing.

McDonald's Burgers in Fridge
A Russian man has stocked up on McDonald's burgers after the chain announced closures in Russia in response to the invasion in Ukraine. noahstemann/Reddit