'The Sea Beast' Voice Cast: The Actors Joining Karl Urban in Animated Film

Netflix is setting out on a swashbuckling adventure full of monsters, pirates, and family in The Sea Beast.

The family film was directed by Academy Award-winner Chris Williams, who previously directed Big Hero 6 and also worked on Disney hit Moana.

As to be expected of an animated feature, The Sea Beast features a host of characters whose voices will sound familiar. Here is everything you need to know about the film's A-list voice cast.

The Sea Beast Voice Cast: All the Stars Joining Karl Urban in Animated Film

The Sea Beast
Karl Urban and Zaris-Angel Hator's characters Jacob Holland and Maisie Brumble in "The Sea Beast," which features a number of A-list stars in its voice cast. Netflix

The Sea Beast follows a young girl named Maisie Brumble who decides to stow away on the ship of Captain Crow to learn from world-famous sea monster hunter Jacob Holland.

Jacob and the crew of the Inevitable are tasked by the King and Queen with capturing the fabled Red Bluster, the most infamous of all sea creatures. As soon as they embark on their most dangerous adventure yet, they realize Maisie has snuck aboard.

Unable to get rid of her at sea, Maisie ingratiates herself upon Jacob so that she too can become the world's best sea monster hunter but quickly becomes a thorn in his side, at which point the pair embark onto an unexpected adventure of their own.

Karl Urban takes on the role of Jacob and stars opposite Zaris-Angel Hator, who portrays Maisie in her voice-acting debut.

Captain Crow is voiced by Jared Harris, while Marianne Jean-Baptiste plays the Inevitable's officer Sarah Sharpe.

Other notable actors to feature in The Sea Beast include Downton Abbey star Jim Carter, who voices the King, and Dan Stevens, who takes on the role of Admiral Hornagold.

Helen Sadler takes on three roles in the film as she voices Matron, Ms. Merino, and a cart driver, while Doon Mackichan portrays the Queen.

Here is the Full Voice Cast for The Sea Beast:

  • Zaris-Angel Hator plays Maisie Brumble
  • Karl Urban plays Jacob Holland
  • Jared Harris plays Captain Crow
  • Marianne Jean-Baptiste plays Sarah Sharpe
  • Xana Tang plays Lea The Lookout
  • Helen Sadler plays Matron, Ms. Merino, and Cart Driver
  • Alex Wyndham plays Sailor #1 and #2
  • Brian T. Delaney plays Jim Nicklebones
  • Ian Mercer plays Old Nick
  • Shannon Chan-Kent plays Fen
  • Max Mittelman plays Young Sailor
  • Paul Chowdhry plays Surgeon
  • Jim Carter plays the King
  • Doon Mackichan plays the Queen
  • Dan Stevens plays Admiral Hornagold
  • Rajia Baroudi plays the General
  • Kathy Burke plays Gwen Batterbie
  • Benjamin Plessala plays Child 1
  • Somali Rose plays Child 2
  • Kaya McLean plays Child 3
  • Davis Pak plays Child 4

The Sea Beast will premiere on Netflix on Friday, July 8.

The Sea Beast
A still from Netflix's new animated feature film "The Sea Beast," which will premiere on the streaming platform on Friday, July 8. Netflix