Sister Slammed for 'Prank' on Brother's Partner That Almost Caused Breakup

A woman is facing harsh criticism for coming clean about a prank that nearly broke up her brother and his then-pregnant girlfriend—and then saying that she didn't want to admit to the prank because she knew he'd be upset and make her cry.

In the infamous Reddit forum r/AmITheA**hole, stylized AITA, u/yelledatsis earned over 5,100 upvotes and 600 comments for his post, "AITA for screaming at my sister and making her cry in front of everyone after finding out she took part in this 'prank' with my ex?"

The original poster (OP) says the original prank happened about a year ago, and nearly caused his girlfriend to leave him. He says that at the time, his ex sent him a message that he was the father of her child. OP knew this couldn't be true, however, as they broke up two years prior, and the child was under a year old—so he told his ex not to contact him again.

His ex then started to message his girlfriend with the same claim, saying that u/yelledatsis was "refusing to take responsibility" for his "daughter." He says that his girlfriend—six months pregnant at the time—was sent fake screenshots alleging to be from the OP, as well as the real one where he denies the child is his.

"So the stress/hormones of that, plus the info she gave her: the times we supposedly met up after telling my girlfriend I'm working late matches up because those were actually nights I had to work late, all that freaked her out and she really did start having doubts," u/yelledatsis wrote.

The relationship started to spiral as his girlfriend was "really scared and confused." She went off to live with her parents for a few days to get her head together—and OP was "so scared I was gonna lose my family."

At that point, u/yelledatsis' ex came clean when she heard that his girlfriend wasn't staying with him anymore. He says she was "still bitter" about being dumped, but didn't mean for things to escalate that far, and it was just a prank. After this, u/yelledatsis' girlfriend came back home, and all was well.

OP and his girlfriend are now the proud parents of a 7-month-old son, and "happier than ever." But last weekend, his sister, two years younger than her brother, got tipsy while visiting with her brother and parents—and spilled the beans that she was in on the deception.

"When we were joking about all our old embarrassing stories she just blurted it out but she thought it was okay to talk about it now since me and my girlfriend are fine," he wrote.

The OP was, understandably upset and asked her why she'd do that. His sister blamed being "stupid and bored," and that she didn't realize it'd get so bad, which is why she and the ex stopped the prank.

"I called my sister a stupid b**ch for almost wrecking my relationship, and what that put my GF thru. My sister started crying. And this is why she didn't say anything because it might get this reaction," u/yelledatsis wrote. "She only said something now because she was embarrassed and now we're in a good place so she doesn't know why I'm so mad about it. It was a whole thing, my sister cried in the bathroom and wouldn't come out."

After that, u/yelledatsis went back home. His parents say he was wrong to yell at his sister, and he needs to apologize for his reaction, "just like she owed" him an apology.

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A woman is being heavily criticized for a prank that nearly broke up her brother's relationship with his then-pregnant girlfriend—and then cried and said she didn't want to come clean because she knew she'd be yelled at. iStock/Getty

Though some pranks can be fun, it's a risky game to play with relationships. One common "prank" can be to pretend to break up with one's partner, but as Lisa Bonos writes for The Washington Post, that is a terrible idea. She cites Facebook data to show that there's a spike in breakups on April 1, the standard prank holiday.

Bonos also shared a story of a friend who was the victim of such a prank that backfired. After her friend had a good date with someone she'd been seeing for two weeks, he broke up with her right before dropping her off at her home. She was shocked, but accepted the breakup and moved to get out of the car—when her partner insisted he was kidding.

"For me, the beginning of the relationship is riddled in insecurities," her friend told her. "I think I was wondering whether he was the right one and should I continue to see him? When that happened, I was like absolutely: No."

The Reddit commentariat agreed.

"[Not the A**hole]," u/MadoogsL wrote in the top-rated comment with over 10,100 upvotes. "That's not a prank that's an attempt to completely ruin your life and current relationship. How can your sister justify causing that much distress to your PREGNANT girlfriend??? Because she was BORED??"

"I have to be honest, if l were your gf, l would probably have left you at certain point with all the evidence. I'm happy for you that it didn't happen but these people could have ruined your life. This would be 100 % lifetime [no-contact] for me," u/panlevap wrote.

"That's literally it. Sister wanted to get away with it without being chastised. Now that it didn't happen and it's out there for everyone to see and OP wasn't 'oh it's in the past lets let bygones be bygones!' She snapped," u/SegaNeptune28 wrote. "She's no sister I'd want."

"[Not the A**hole]. You do not owe her an apology, but she sure as hell owes you and your girlfriend one," u/blucougar57 wrote.

"[Not the A**hole] [Not the A**hole] [Not the A**hole] and if I were you she'd no longer be my sister. That's not a prank or a joke, it's malicious and cruel," u/PINKnPURPLEppl wrote. "Anyone who thinks you overreacted or owe her an apology for your reaction can also take several seats. They're almost as bad as her. Seriously how screwed up does a person have to be to do something like that? She could have wrecked THREE lives"

"Your reaction was entirely warranted. Absolutely 100% [Not the A**hole]," u/MrDemotivator17 wrote. "She nearly f**ked up your family and made your son grow up without his dad."

"wow, with a sister like that, who needs a scheming, psychotic mortal enemy?" u/Ok_Imagination_1107 wrote.

Newsweek reached out to u/yelledatsis for comment.