All You Need To Know About the New 'Sonic the Hedgehog' Lego Set

An intricate Lego set themed around Sonic the Hedgehog is due to be released in 2022.

Based on the Green Hill Zone (which is the very first level from the very first game in the series), this item consists of 1125 individual bricks and—due to its complexity—is recommended for older age groups. While that might sound like an overwhelming project, it's nothing compared to the 4,784-piece scale model of the Imperial Star Destroyer or some of the other more ambitious Lego constructions out there.

That being said, the Green Hill Zone set is still very complicated, with interactive elements and plenty of Sonic the Hedgehog iconography to build. Among other things, you will get to scatter the gold rings and chaos emerald collectables around the diorama, put down checkpoints, and recreate one of the gravity-defying loop-the-loop platforms that the Sega's mascot is so fond of dashing through.

There is also a spring module that will allow you to launch the accompanying minifigures into the air. Also included are several classic characters from the original Sega Genesis game, including a Sonic himself, as well as his mortal enemy Dr. Eggman and an assortment of his robotic minions.

Rather than being pitched by the team at The Lego Group, this Green Hill Zone set was actually conceived by a fan. Using the Lego Ideas platform, 24-year-old enthusiast Viv Grannell submitted the concept and it ended up getting enough votes from the community to be greenlit for mass distribution.

If you're not familiar with the Ideas scheme, it gives fans like Grannell the opportunity to submit their own original creations, with a chance that these designs might later be turned into official sets. According to the Lego website, when this happens the original designer gets a cut of the profits as well as credit.

When Is the Green Hill Zone Lego Set Release Date?

The Green Hill Zone Lego set will be released on Saturday, January 1, 2022. As for where you can make a purchase, it will be available to pick up at Lego stores and also to order for delivery via the toy manufacturer's website.

The Lego Group has confirmed to Newsweek the precise time that the item will go on sale. The Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone Lego set will be available from midnight on January 1.

How Much Does the Green Hill Zone Lego Set Cost?

The official price for the Sonic the Hedgehog Lego set is listed as $69.99. In terms of what you will actually get for your money, the contents of the box are as follows:

  • 17 cm high by 36 cm wide model
  • 1125 pieces
  • 5-character minifigures
  • 10 ring boxes
  • A spring module to launch Sonic into the air
  • 7 chaos emeralds
  • Egg robot that can accommodate the Dr. Eggman minifigure

Update 30/12/21, 5:44 a.m. ET: This article was updated to add the specific release time for the Green Hill Zone set, as confirmed by The Lego Group.

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