Which 'Survivor' Contestants Will Make It To The Finale? Finalists & Prize Money Revealed

After three months of big twists, surprise eliminations and smashed hourglasses, Survivor Season 41 is nearly at an end.

On Wednesday, December 15, the show will air its finale – and after two immunity challenges, two tribal councils and a fire-making, we will have our winner for 2021.

Across that episode, which starts at 8 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. on CBS, the final five will be whittled down to a final three (or possibly a final two) before one Survivor takes home that life-changing prize.

As ever, Survivor fans have been making predictions about who they think will make that final.

Who will make it to the Survivor finale?

One thing we know for sure: Our final five is Deshawn, Erika, Heather, Ricard and Xander. This was decided in the December 8 episode during the tribal council after Danny went home. After the first vote saw Deshawn and Danny split the vote three-to-three, a revote saw the latter go home.

Though Deshawn narrowly scraped in the final five, his chances of going further seem slim. The stunt where he called out Erika for saying she might not take Heather into the final went down badly with the other contestants (one called it a "truth kamikaze"), and a jury win seems unlikely. However, anything can happen on Survivor, and an immunity win could change everything.

In the post-episode discussion on Reddit, fans were in agreement that DeShawn's game is messy – and that messiness will not help him win over the final jury. Some sample comments:

"Deshawn is a messy player. Why did he not tell Heather before tribal council if he wanted to do something. This move did not look favorable to the jury, clearly."

"DeShawn has had terrible management these last few weeks. Ricard or Erica blow the other 3 out of the water if one of them is there at the end."

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"'Truth kamikaze' was right. He's bombing the jury management phase."

"Deshawns game is very confusing to me. I was just thinking he was a really good player for convincing Erika she needs to take out heather. And then that play at tribal was just abysmal. I think he's a really good people person and is able to gain a lot of information because of that, but he doesn't use that information correctly."

What fans cannot agree on, however, is what the final will look like. Though a final three is expected (with Ricard, Xander and Erika looking like the most possible three), some think there will be a final two this year.

This theory has emerged from an interview Shan gave with ET Canada, where she said of her elimination: "​​I think Ricard knew that, even if he sat beside me in final two, he wasn't going to win. Deshawn knew the same thing, I think."

A Reddit user said of this: "I've found it quite interesting that there have also been players in the episodes mentioning final two as well."

What does the Survivor winner win?

As usual, the Sole Survivor will take home a (pre-tax) cash prize of $1 million. How much of that they actually see will depend on their state's tax code, but AOL reported that the winners get around $580,000 after taxes.

Contestants have even referenced this themselves. Former Survivor winner Jeff Kent, for example, said in his exit interview: "It's not even a million bucks! It's six hundred grand by the time Obama takes it."

The other contestants get paid too. The first contestant to go has historically been paid between $2,500 and $3,500, with the other contestants getting paid on a sliding scale depending on how far they make it. The runner-up gets $100,000 (CBS' Big Brother also awards this as a second-place prize), while former juror Jonny Fairplay said that the jury gets $40,000 each.

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The cast of "Survivor" Season 41. They have since been whittled down to a final five. CBS