Shocked Passengers Spot Tarantula Crawling Around a Plane Mid-flight

Passengers were in shock after a live tarantula was spotted crawling around on a plane—while it was in the air.

Some well-behaved pets are allowed into the cabin during the flight, as long as they're safely secured. But, it's safe to say roaming tarantulas, whether they have a ticket or not, are certainly not welcome aboard.

While it's not clear whether the arachnid was an escapee or a stowaway, its presence caused a stir among passengers who spotted the eight-legged creature crawling around the overhead lockers.

A brave onlooker, described by clothing company Hype Socks as its "CEO," tackled the tarantula as presumably horrified people looked on.

A clip shared to the U.S.-based company's TikTok page shows the man climbing onto seats to catch the spider, as it crawls behind the luggage compartment.

The next shot shows the man, now with the doors open, reaching in to try and capture the spider using a plastic bag. Thankfully he's successful, and after trapping it he carries the spider away, although it's unclear what happened to it as the plane was mid-flight.

HypeSocksUSA captioned the video, which can be seen here: "Shout out to the employee who saved our lives."

While the on-screen caption said: "When your CEO sees a tarantula on the plane."

The clip, shared last week, has amassed nearly three million views, while a video shot from another angle shows a flight attendant leading the spider-catcher to what looks like the back of the plane.


Shoutout to the employee who saved our lives 🤢🕷 #tarantula #hypesocks #spider #airplane

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TikToker Director Brazil filmed the unwelcome guest as the tarantula handler walked past, saying: "There was a tarantula on our flight mid-air."

His clip recorded the gasps of shock and horror from fellow passengers as the man holding the spider walked down the aisle, with numerous people videoing the unusual guest. Neither passenger confirmed which airline gave the spider a free ride, nor the departure or destination city.

The spider caused a stir not only in the cabin but also in the comments, as numerous people referenced the 2006 film Snakes on a Plane, starring Samuel L. Jackson.

Blondieinheaven commented: "I am a flight attendant and I would literally scream."

Sera thought: "Imagine someone who's arachnophobic and aerophobic at the same time."

TheChosenOne joked: "Spiders on a plane! Directed by Samuel L Jackson."

"I'd soon be putting into practice their emergency exit demo," Sophie said.

Champ reckoned: "Worst nightmare nowhere to run."

Alphajackscereal added: "That spider was too big to not have paid for a seat."

Ericschrijn1 added: "Snakes on a plane", try "Tarantulas and turbulence" lol."

Newsweek reached out to HypeSocksUSA and Director Brazil for comment.

File photo of a tarantula.
File photo of a tarantula. A spider on a plane caused a stir after it was spotted crawling around the luggage racks. waldru/Getty Images