Ten Times the Royals Got Caught in the Rain and Looked Stylish Doing It

The British national anthem contains the famous phrase "long to reign over us," and in the U.K., known for its wet weather, the Queen and members of the royal family have often found themselves the ones being rained over.

Though the tight schedules of the royal family are planned with meticulous attention to detail, taking into account all eventualities—the British weather is never so predictable.

Wherever the royals go, there is a trusty umbrella nearby to ensure that no visit or engagement is ever rained off—especially if crowds of people get wet waiting to meet them.

Whether in the U.K or abroad, the British royals persevere through wind and rain choosing their outfits carefully to avoid any weather-related mishaps.

Here Newsweek rounds up 10 times the royals were caught in unexpected downpours and managed to look stylish despite it.

Umbrellas Fit for a Queen, Roehampton, March 29, 2007

Queen Elizabeth II Rain Roehampton
Queen Elizabeth II was caught in a downpour on a visit to Roehampton in 2007. March 29, 2007. Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

The Queen is the ultimate professional when it comes to royal life. Over her 70-year reign she has learned never to let a few spots of rain or a deluge or two get in the way of her work. The monarch has become famous for her umbrellas which she has made specially to match her rainbow wardrobe by manufacturers Fulton in the U.K.

The style of umbrella used by the Queen is known as the 'Birdcage' and is made of clear PVC plastic which allows her to be seen even if her face is shielded from the rain.

Here the Queen found herself in an unexpected downpour on a visit to Roehampton, England in 2007. An umbrella was produced by one of her staff members which perfectly matched the color of her electric blue coat and hat.

Diana in a Downpour, Auckland, April 19, 1983

Princess Diana Rain Auckland
Princess Diana had to cover herself from the rain on a tour of New Zealand in 1983 with Prince Charles. April 19, 1983. Jayne Fincher/Getty Images/John Shelley Collection/Avalon/Getty Images

Princess Diana always knew how to look good—even on a gray and gloomy day. The Princess found herself outside on a wet day during a tour of New Zealand with Prince Charles in 1983. Wearing a pale yellow outfit which would have shown water marks, the princess donned an overcoat to protect herself and was shielded by a large canopy umbrella. The oversized coat and umbrella framed her face beautifully, making for a series of well published photographs taken by the wet press crew following the tour.

Kate Saved by Chivalrous Princes, France, July 1, 2016

Kate Middleton Prince William Prince Harry Rain
Kate Middleton found herself the center of attention when rain started to fall during an event marking the centenary of the battle of the Somme in France. July 1, 2016. Andrew Matthews/Pool/Getty Images

Kate Middleton attended the centenary commemorations of the battle of the Somme in France with Prince William and Prince Harry in 2016. At an event held by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, the heavens opened and the guests sitting outside all sought cover with umbrellas. Armed with the Queen's trusty birdcage umbrellas, both William and Harry jostled to hold one over Kate's head who was sitting between them, making for a fun photo opportunity.

An Elegant Tribute to Diana, August 30 2017

William Harry and Kate Middleton KP Rain
Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince Harry were caught in the rain as they inspected a memorial garden dedicated to Princess Diana at Kensington Palace. August 30, 2017. Kirsty Wigglesworth/AFP via Getty Images

To mark the 20th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana, Kensington Palace (her former home) created an all-white garden dedicated to her memory. On the anniversary itself, William and Kate, together with Harry, were photographed inspecting the tribute. It was a wet day and Kate appeared resplendent in a floral print dress and elegant umbrella. The event was particularly poignant as it was the first appearance that Kate made after the announcement that she was expecting her third child.

Meghan's Loving Gesture, Dubbo Australia, October 17, 2018

Meghan and Harry Dubbo Rain
Meghan Markle lovingly covered her husband Prince Harry during a rain shower on a tour of Dubbo during their Australian tour. October 17, 2018. Ian Vogler/Pool/Getty Images

On their tour of the South Pacific islands in 2018 shortly after their wedding, Harry and Meghan paid a visit to Australia. On a visit to the Dubbo area where Harry was due to give a speech the couple were caught in a rain shower. While Harry stood to address the crowd, Meghan joined him by holding an umbrella so that his notes wouldn't get wet. The couple broke into giggles over the situation and abided by the old adage "keep calm and carry on."

Good Growing Weather, New Zealand, October 30, 2018

Meghan Markle Prince Harry New Zealand Rain
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were caught in a shower as they planted a tree for the Queen's Commonwealth Canopy project in New Zealand. October 30, 2018. Chris Jackson/Getty Images/Dominic Lipinski/Pool/Getty Images

On a 2018 visit to New Zealand, Harry and Meghan planted a tree at an event celebrating the Queen's Commonwealth Canopy project. The rain had followed the couple from Australia a few days earlier and they found themselves again in need of an umbrella. Meghan maintained her composure despite the whipping rain shower and looked perfectly elegant in a smart blazer and jeans.

Rain or Shine in Blackpool, March 6, 2019

Kate Middleton Blackpool Rain
Kate Middleton still managed to greet crowds with a smile that had come to welcome her to Blackpool despite a heavy rainstorm. March 6, 2019. Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

On a visit to Blackpool in March 2019, Kate found herself faced with torrential rain as she arrived at the city's famous tower. Despite the rain, crowds had still gathered to welcome her and never one to disappoint, the royal put up an umbrella and got on with the job. Kate's dark green coat and emerald green handbag were highlighted against the gray day and made for striking photographs taken by the press and crowd.

Rain at Royal Ascot, June 18, 2019

Kate Middleton Prince William Ascot Rain
Getting caught in the rain at Royal Ascot was no issue for Kate Middleton with Prince William around to hold the umbrella. June 18, 2019. Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Royal Ascot takes place in June each year when rain is less likely to occur making the ground for the horses good to firm—ideal conditions for one of Britain's most prestigious race meetings. The rain can never be bested though and during the event in 2019 a shower arrived just as the royals were outside in the paddock. Kate was wearing a delicate blue Elie Saab tulle outfit and William saved the day by holding an umbrella over her until the rain clouds passed.

Iconic Rainy Role Image Making, March 5, 2020

Meghan Markle Prince Harry Rain
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were captured in one of their most iconic images arriving at a London event in the rain. March 5, 2020. Samir Hussein/WireImage

On the evening of the Endeavour Fund Awards at London's Mansion House in 2020, a rainstorm took place which caused some difficulty for the guests of honor, Harry and Meghan. After an umbrella was found for the royals, they made their way into the event and the images taken that night have become some of the most iconic ever taken of the couple. The backlit raindrops and beaming smiles of Harry and Meghan combine to make an enduring royal image.

Caught in a Bahamian Deluge, March 25, 2022

Kate Middleton Bahamas Rain
Kate Middleton wasn't prepared for a torrential downpour on a visit to a primary school in the Bahamas. March 25, 2022. Samir Hussein/WireImage/ Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Over 10 years into her royal life, there is little that can faze Kate Middleton. Yet on her most recent royal visit to the Bahamas there seemed to be a moment that shocked even her. Known for its beautiful sunshine, it was a surprise when Kate was caught in a deluge entering a primary school in the Bahamas. Though an umbrella was sourced for both Kate and William, the downpour was so heavy that the duchess's high heels flooded and the pair burst into laughter.

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Queen Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton Rain
The royals have to be prepared for every eventuality which even means predicting the weather. Queen Elizabeth II (L) photographed in Roehampton March 29, 2007. Kate Middleton (R) photographed in Blackpool, March 6, 2019. Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images