People Are Torn Over Whether This Is a Real Kitchen or a Doll's House

People can't decide whether a woman's kitchen is real or part of a doll's house after she shared a home tour online.

Charlotte Violet, from Brighton, U.K., bought a cozy cottage in the seaside town and set about renovating it to turn it into a scene from a Studio Ghibli film, including painting the exterior yellow.

Violet has been sharing the transformation online, regularly posting interior inspiration videos, including quirky decorations, a pastel palette and lots of plants.

But it's her green-themed kitchen which is attracting the most attention, as people seem convinced she's filming a doll's house.

Violet uploaded a clip at the end of last week showing her kitchen before and after she revamped it, captioning the video: "Little green kitchen before and after."

Footage shows the fairly ordinary space she inherited when she bought it, with wooden cabinets, dark countertops and a tiled floor and splashback.

It's now bright and airy, with pans hanging on a rack, a colorful floor, white countertops and bric-a-brac adorning the walls.

But fans reckon something is amiss, as Beautyberriess asked: "What this isn't a doll house? I'm looks miniature."

"Idk why but you cannot convince me this isn't a miniature Like I don't believe it's real," Ocularrose wrote.

Lex agreed, writing: "U cannot convince me this isn't a dollhouse."

Paige added: "Why does this look like a doll house?"

Ash pointed out: "This distance between the floor and ceiling is confusing. You can't tell me this is a real kitchen. It's a dollhouse for sure."

In need of proof, User demanded: "Show us your hand touching the cabinets."

Mallory Moore commented: "Is it a dollhouse or not? I thought it was?!?!"

Ayla said: "Idk if it's a tiny house or not."

And Tori Pajan added: "My brain cannot comprehend this video."

Responding to comments, Violet insisted her kitchen was real and full-sized. "I swear it's really my kitchen," she replied.

Seemingly explaining the confusing proportions, Violet revealed: "My kitchen is down some stairs so that's why it looks like a doll's house kitchen because of the angle. I swear it's real. It's real I swear but the more time I say it the more I start to question it myself. Because if it's not human size then neither am I."

Violet shared a follow-up video over the weekend as she set out to convince people her kitchen wasn't a toy.

"I live in an old Victorian railway workers cottage and my kitchen is down some stairs, so I guess it looks a bit doll's house-esque!" she admitted.

She filmed herself using some of the utensils, demonstrating how the size of her hand compares to the kitchen.

Newsweek contacted Violet for comment.

Stock image of a yellow kitchen
Stock image of a yellow kitchen. A woman's kitchen is dividing opinion online, as people are convinced it's a doll's house. LightFieldStudios/Getty Images