'Top Gun' Movie Fan Spots Hilarious Detail In Background of Scene

An observant movie fan has gone stratospheric on social media after spotting a previously unnoticed detail in Tom Cruise's signature 1986 hit Top Gun.

With Cruise back in the cockpit for the long-awaited sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, it would appear that many fans have been revisiting the smash hit original directed by the late Tony Scott.

But while most are still enamored with the movie's heady mix of aerial action, volleyball and a catchy Kenny Loggins soundtrack, one eagle-eyed viewer had a different take away from watching the film again.

Tom Cruise in the original 'Top Gun.'
Tom Cruise in 'Top Gun' (1987) - An eagle-eyed fan has spotted a potential blooper in the Jerry Bruckheimer classic. Paramount

Anna Drezen is a comedy writer by trade, with credits on Saturday Night Live and Miracle Workers to her name. She clearly knows a thing or two about what's funny and is able to draw humor from the most unexpected of places.

Top Gun may have featured the occasional smart line, but it was never a comedy, as such. However, Drezen's observation might be about to change that.

Watching the film back again, she was surprised to see something rather unusual and out of place in the background of one shot: a seemingly ordinary table lamp which, for reasons unknown, had been decked out in its very own Top Gun hat.

"I love the part in Top Gun where there's a lamp wearing a hat that says Top Gun," she wrote alongside the image featuring the apparent blooper.

Her observation soon began gaining traction with the tweet earning over 17,000 likes alongside a glut of retweets and comments.

Exactly how the hat came to be there is unclear. Perhaps Cruise's character Lt. Pete "Maverick" Mitchell set it down there during his visit to see Tom Skerritt Commander Mike "Viper" Metcalf in his home.

Alternatively, maybe Viper set it down there himself, though it doesn't necessarily match much of the decor and would hinder the effectiveness of the lamp itself. A hat bearing the words "Top Gun" would fit within the narrative of the movie: the best pilot in Maverick's class earned the title.

There is a third option, of course. That someone working on the set of the film who had a Top Gun hat momentarily set it down on the unused lamp and accidentally left it there during filming.

Whatever the truth, fans of Twitter had a field day. "A cinematic masterpiece," Brittany Ann commented, with houseofwoodcock joking: "I hope that in Maverick we get to see what lamp-with-hat has been up to."

Sarah Emerson quipped: "I've heard of 'lampshading' and 'putting a hat on a hat' but this is ridiculous" while Aidan Kelly was convinced: "that's Andy Serkis."

Chris Urban, meanwhile, offered up a spoof on the movie's classic "need for speed" quote, writing: "I've got a cramp. A cramp for lamp" while Nate Baker opted for a similar gag, commenting: "You can be my wing lamp anytime..."

J. E. Blanton was similarly enthralled, declaring: "Forget Maverick, we need a prequel about this lamp." One fan even went as far as re-cutting the Top Gun outro to credit the lamp in the hat.

Newsweek has contacted Drezen for comment.