Torrance Park Woman in Anti-Asian Rant Faces Battery Charges

A woman in California who went viral last month after being filmed making two separate racists rants at a park has been charged in connection to a 2019 incident.

Lena Hernandez, 54, has been charged with misdemeanor battery following an incident at the Del Amo Fashion Center in which a woman was allegedly attacked after she intervened when she saw the suspect berating a janitor who was working at the mall.

Hernandez made headlines after she was filmed going on a racist rant against an Asian woman who was exercising in a park in Torrance, California.

"Why don't you go somewhere else where you can go to a gym. This is not just for you. Get the f**k out of this world. Get the f**k out of this state. Go back to whatever Asian country you belong in," she said in the clip seen several million times on Twitter.

"This is not your place, this is not your home. We do not want you here."

Another video—reported to have been filmed the same day at Wilson Park—also showed Hernandez making racist threats, this time to an Asian man.

"You know what? I am not a racist person. But you know? You need to go home," she said in the clip which was also viewed more than 10 million times on social media.

"Do you know how many people can't stand you being here? You play games. We don't play games. I play games where you get f****d to death," she added.

Hernandez also spoke to the man while putting on a mock Asian accent, claiming "I don't understand your language, Chinaman" to the male speaking with an American accent.

After both clips went viral, Torrence resident Kayceelyn Salminao tweeted that she also had a confrontation with the suspect in October 2019 in the mall.

"I filed a police report on this same lady back in October 2019 due to a physical attack ON ME. Nothing came of it. What are you going to do about it NOW," Salminao tweeted.

Salminao added to CBS Los Angeles: "She comes out and physically shoves me to the ground and I literally fall to the ground. She points at me and says 'You better not get up or else.'

"As she grabs my hair, she pushes my head down and she's starting to me on the back of my head. She's saying all those really mean words, just like [in] the video."

Hernandez was interviewed by Torrance Police over all three incidents, but was not arrested as there were classed as misdemeanor crimes.

"The details of the interview will be submitted to the City of Torrance Prosecutors office," police added in a statement.

The Torrance City Attorney's Office has now confirmed that Hernandez has been charged with battery in connection to the 2019 incident at the mall.

She will not face charges over the other two incidents due to insufficient evidence, KTLA reported.

A warrant has been put out for her arrest. Due to COVID-19, Hernadez's bail for her misdemeanor case will be set to $1 in order to free up room in the county jails, KABC reported.

The Torrance City Attorney's Office has been contacted for comment.

(File photo) A man and woman wearing facemasks walk dogs in Grand Park with Los Angeles City Hall seen in the background, June 24, 2020. A woman who went viral earlier this month after being filmed making two separate racists rants at a park rants has been charged in connection to a 2019 incident. ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty