'Train to Busan' Remake Sparks Outrage As Its Name Is Changed to 'Last Train to New York'

The U.S. Train to Busan remake, the Korean apocalyptic zombie thriller from Yeon Sang-ho, has reportedly been given an updated title and devoted fans of the original film are not happy.

According to a report Wednesday by Deadline, the remake by Indonesian director Timo Tjahjanto, in collaboration with producer James Wan and screenwriter Gary Dauberman, could be called Last Train to New York.

The film (which features a star-studded cast including Squid Game's Gong Yoo, Parasite's Choi Woo-shik and Ma Dong-seok from the Marvel film The Eternals) follows a mysterious outbreak that grips the country as a father and his young daughter travel on a train heading to Busan, South Korea's second-most populous city.

The remake's reported title change from that of the original work has sparked debate on Twitter, with some calling the name "boring," "lame" and "tacky," while others showed support for the upcoming remake.

Author Marie Myung-Ok Lee tweeted: "boooring... riding Amtrak to NYC is always a zombie horror show, where's the surprise and wit of the Korean film ???"

User @leejunqjae tweeted: "last train to new york sounds so lame lmao." The post had nearly 300 likes at the time of reporting.

User @yang_baiqian wrote: " 'LaSt tRaIn tO nEw yOrK' pfft just saying it sounds tacky."

User @PetePepsi agreed: " 'Last Train To New York' sounds like the title of a really boring broadway musical starring Idina Menzel and at least three other RENT alums."

User @70s90s tweeted: "Last train to New York sounds like a hallmark Christmas movie where the girl boss misses her train back to her corporate job and ends up falling in love with the lumber jack republican."

User @UsagiCola tweeted: "last train to new york is the funniest thing they couldve named it. thats like a simpsons joke."

Some avid Train to Busan fans have questioned the need for a remake, noting it will be hard to follow the "masterpiece" that was the Korean film.

User @ryusuga_ wrote: "Why remake 'train to Busan' to last train to New York. The original will always be better."

User @MegamattX86 wrote: "Train to Busan is an absolute masterpiece zombie film. You are taking a massive L if you watch Last Train to New York instead because you don't want to read subtitles lmao."

User @cutewolf360 tweeted: "last train to new york" f*** that im gonna go watch the original with subtitles."

User @A_New_Hope216 wrote: I would rather listen to a toilet flush for 2 hours straight that watch "last train to New York"

Others were supportive of the upcoming remake, such as user @KillerCritics, who tweeted: "TRAIN TO BUSAN is a masterpiece, it will always be a masterpiece, and no remake will ever change that.

"Plus, Timo Tjahjanto is an AMAZING director and is going to kill it with LAST TRAIN TO NEW YORK! What are we complaining about?," the user wrote.

User @pj_campbell also wrote: "I love Train the Busan. I'm also excited for Last Train to New York. I think Timo is going to absolutely crush this."

Tjahjanto (known for Netflix's The Night Comes for Us and the thriller Headshot) was announced back in February to be directing the remake from New Line Cinema.

In late August, he responded to the criticism he faced about the upcoming film on Twitter, tweeting: "When your @ is suddenly filling up & its more about Train to Busan remake.

"In James (Wan) own words: Timo, we need to rise above & beyond everyone's expectations, just like other great remakes have done such as The Ring or Dawn of the Dead remake. Who am I to let my boss down ?," Tjahjanto tweeted at the time.

As fans have pointed out, Tjahjanto does have some big director shoes to fill.

Train to Busan shot Yeon (who directed the upcoming K-drama Hellbound debuting this Friday) to international fame following its premiere at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

The Korean director, described by Netflix as "redefining the future of Korean films," also released a standalone sequel to Train to Busan (titled Peninsula), which was among the films of the Official Selection of the 2020 Cannes Film Festival.

Yeon's Hellbound series has already received much buzz following the screening of a few episodes at the Toronto International Film Festival (North America's largest film festival), where it was the first Korean series to be officially invited to the festival.

In October, Hellbound was also the only Korean series to be selected for screening at the London Film Festival.

Newsweek has contacted Tjahjanto, Wan, Dauberman and New Line Cinema for comment.

A film still from "Train to Busan".
A film still from "Train to Busan". Well Go USA Entertainment