Trump Boasts of 'Tremendous Win' in Texas Special Election Where His Endorsed Candidate Lost

Former President Donald Trump on Saturday night claimed he had a "tremendous win" in a recent Texas special election, despite the fact that the candidate he endorsed lost the race.

Speaking to Fox News' Dan Bongino, Trump suggested his endorsement of Susan Wright for Texas' 6th congressional district was successful.

The special election initially took place in May after GOP Representative Ron Wright died from COVID-19 in February, and two other Republicans, State Representative Jake Ellzey and Wright's widow, Susan Wright, ran to take over his seat.

Trump endorsed Susan Wright, but she lost by more than six-and-a-half points during a runoff race that took place in late July. Nonetheless, Trump told Bongino on Saturday that Texas was a "big win."

"We had a big win in Texas. We had two Republicans running, we won three months ago, a big one, and we got two Republicans running, no Democrat, and the Democrats that voted, voted against me but it was a tremendous win," Trump said during the Saturday interview.

Donald Trump Texas
Former President Donald Trump on Saturday suggested he had "tremendous win" in a Texas special election, despite the fact that the candidate he endorsed lost. Here, Trump speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas on July 11. ANDY JACOBSOHN/AFP/Getty Images

This isn't the first time Trump has refused to acknowledge his endorsement of Wright as a loss. In other recent interviews, Trump has referred to the Texas special election as a "a big Trump victory" and indicated that Ellzey only won because Democrats were "obviously voting against me."

"I won because we ended up with a great Republican candidate—the Democrats never had a chance," Trump said in a statement Wednesday, adding that the election was "a great Republican victory."

A week after Texas' election, Trump had a true victory to celebrate when his chosen candidate for a congressional seat in Ohio, Mike Carey, won the Republican primary. On Saturday, Trump also called that race "a big win," boasting in the interview that "Mike won by a lot."

Following his win, Carey thanked the former president for his support and declared that Trump remains the leader of the Republican party.

"Tonight, Republicans across Ohio's 15th Congressional District sent a clear message to the nation that President Donald J. Trump is, without a doubt, the leader of our party," Carey said in a statement following his win. "I could not be more grateful for his support, and I am proud to deliver this win to advance his America First agenda."

Trump has strongly hinted at his intention to run for president again in 2024, and polls have so far indicated that he would be a front-runner among Republican candidates.