Why Donald Trump Won't Release Mar-a-Lago Video of FBI Raid

An attorney for Donald Trump said the former president has not released surveillance footage of the FBI searching his Mar-a-Lago resort because he "cares too much" about the federal agents.

Alina Habba spoke to Fox News' Sean Hannity on Thursday after district judge Aileen Cannon confirmed New York senior district judge Raymond Dearie will be appointed the special master to review the documents seized from Trump's Florida home in August.

mar-a-lago security footage
In this aerial view, former U.S. President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate is seen on September 14, 2022 in Palm Beach, Florida. His attorney has said he will not be releasing footage of the FBI raid there, for fear of the federal agents' safety. Joe Raedle/Getty Images

In her ruling, Cannon also rejected the Department of Justice (DoJ)'s request to resume reviewing the classified records removed from Mar-a-Lago as part of their criminal investigation into whether Trump mishandled the sensitive materials.

During her appearance on the commentary program Hannity, Habba was asked whether Trump will be releasing the security footage from Mar-a-Lago showing the FBI carrying out the search.

Habba said the legal team would be happy to talk about what the footage shows, but "I don't know" if they will release the scenes.

"The truth is, unlike some of these federal agencies, we don't leak. We follow the rules," Habba said.

Hannity then asked the attorney if there is anything that prohibits the release of the security footage.

"You know why we wouldn't honestly, Sean, because the president cares too much about the agents and the enforcement that were just doing their job," Habba said. "And we have been told that their lives could be put at risk."

When Hannity said that Fox News could pixilate the faces if Trump's team sent footage to the network, Habba replied: "Maybe then we can, maybe then."

There has been speculation as to whether the former president will make the security footage public.

Eric Trump, one of the former president's sons, told Hannity after the raid that the family would "absolutely" be prepared to share the Mar-a-Lago footage "at the right time."

In August, CNN reported, citing unnamed sources, that Trump himself considered releasing the footage to paint himself as a victim of political persecution.

However, others are said to have advised Trump against any release as it would reveal the sheer volume of materials that federal agents seized from his Florida resort.

In the days after the raid, a number of Republican figures and Trump allies helped spread an unsubstantiated claim that the FBI may have planted evidence against the former president while searching Mar-a-Lago.

During her appearance on Hannity, Habba praised Cannon's ruling, which means the DoJ can't use classified documents seized in the FBI raid for their criminal investigation until Dearie has completed his review. He has been given until November 30, 22 days after the midterm elections take place.

"So their plans of messing around with the election yet again, with midterms, got a little screwed up today," Habba said. "Sorry about that, guys. Well, you shouldn't have been so far reaching."

Newsweek has contacted Donald Trump for comment.