Trump Slams Supreme Court Over Decision to Hand Over Tax Returns to Congress

Donald Trump has criticized the Supreme Court's decision to clear the release of the former president's tax returns to a House of Representatives committee.

In a post on Truth Social, Trump accused the court of being "nothing more than a political body" after SCOTUS justices denied Trump's October 31 emergency bid to block a lower court's ruling granting House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee access to his financial records.

Trump became the first president in 40 years not to release his tax returns after announcing his first run for the White House, and has been battling to keep them sealed for years.

No SCOTUS judges dissented from the decision to allow the House committee to receive the returns from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

trump tax returns release
Former U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida, on November 15, 2022. Trump has criticized the Supreme Court after it cleared the way for his tax returns to be released to a Democratic-controlled congressional committee. ALON SKUY/AFP/Getty Images

"Why would anybody be surprised that the Supreme Court has ruled against me, they always do!" Trump wrote on social media in the early hours of November 23.

"It is unprecedented to be handing over Tax Returns, & it creates terrible precedent for future Presidents. Has Joe Biden paid taxes on all of the money he made illegally from Hunter & beyond."

The GOP has vowed to investigate, once they control the House, allegations surrounding President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden's business dealings when the Democrat was vice president, and whether these relationships amounted to conflict of interest. President Biden has denied any involvement in his son's business affairs.

"The Supreme Court has lost its honor, prestige, and standing, & has become nothing more than a political body, with our Country paying the price. They refused to even look at the Election Hoax of 2020. Shame on them!" Trump said, referring to his repeated assertion, without evidence, that he lost the 2020 presidential election due to widespread voter fraud.

The Ways and Means Committee has sought Trump's tax returns from 2015 to 2020 as part of its investigation into Trump's compliance with IRS auditing.

The Treasury Department has so far refused to provide the records during Trump's presidency. But the Biden administration, which now controls the department, said federal law states that the committee has the right to examine any taxpayer's return, including current and former presidents'.

Trump and his legal team had argued that attempts to access his tax returns were overstepping and were merely part of attempts to make them public—a move which could be achieved if the records were to be leaked.

Had the Supreme Court backed Trump's attempt to keep his records sealed, the former president could have run out the clock on the committee's work, with the GOP taking control of the House in January after gaining a majority in the midterm elections. The party would almost certainly drop any attempts to seek the former president's tax returns when it takes control of the House committees on January 3, 2023.

Even with Tuesday's ruling in its favor, the Democrat-controlled Ways and Means Committee now only has a few weeks to review Trump's documents and unearth any potential improper accounting.

In a statement following the Supreme Court decision, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rep. Richard Neal said: "We knew the strength of our case, we stayed the course, followed the advice of counsel, and finally, our case has been affirmed by the highest court in the land.

"Since the Magna Carta, the principle of oversight has been upheld, and today is no different. This rises above politics, and the Committee will now conduct the oversight that we've sought for the last three and a half years."

The Supreme Court has been contacted for comment.