Uvalde Mayor Says Robb Elementary School 'Needs to Be Gone'

The mayor of Uvalde, Texas, recently said that Robb Elementary School "needs to be gone" after the May 24 shooting at the school left 21 victims dead, including 19 children.

While speaking with KENS5 news in San Antonio, Mayor Don McLaughlin spoke about the shooting and said, "I don't think anybody's plans are but to tear that building down."

"It needs to be torn down. I would never ask, expect, a child to have to walk through those doors ever, ever again. That building needs to be gone. Taken away. Gone," McLaughlin added.

Last week, suspected shooter Salvador Ramos, 18, traveled to the school and fatally shot 19 students and two teachers in one classroom. Last week, officials with the Texas Department of Public Safety laid out a timeline of events, with Ramos entering the school at about 11:30 a.m. local time and was eventually shot by Border Patrol officers at 12:50 p.m.

Uvalde School Shooting
Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin is calling for Robb Elementary School to be destroyed after last week's deadly mass shooting. Above, law enforcement officers speak outside the school after the shooting on May 24, 2022, in Uvalde, Texas. Brandon Bell/Getty

Officers heard hundreds of gunshots fired by Ramos shortly after he entered the school and Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw explained how 911 operators received several calls from students inside the classroom while the shootings occurred.

The school shooting, which was the deadliest in the U.S. since the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre, in Newtown, Connecticut, has prompted many calls for action to prevent another incident. Many Democrats have called for stricter gun control measures while some Republicans have called for teachers to be armed to defend themselves and students.

Newsweek reached out to McLaughlin for comment.

In addition to the Uvalde mayor, other officials in Texas have made similar remarks about destroying the school.

According to KENS5 News, Texas Representative Joaquin Castro said: "I'm going to be pushing the president and the governor to work together to make sure that they're able to build them a new school."

While speaking with KSAT news in Texas, state Senator Roland Gutierrez said that he recently spoke with President Joe Biden after he visited Uvalde and the two spoke about possibly destroying the school.

Gutierrez told the local news station that Biden told him "we're going to look to raze that school and build a new one."

Following the press conference where Texas officials laid out a timeline of events of the shooting, the Department of Justice announced that it would conduct an investigation into law enforcement's response.

"The goal of the review is to provide an independent account of law enforcement actions and responses that day, and to identify lessons learned and best practices to help first responders prepare for and respond to active shooter events," the Department of Justice said in a statement. "The review will be conducted with the Department's Office of Community Oriented Policing."