Video: Donald Trump's 'Parade of Lies' at G7 Summit Fact-checked by CNN's Jim Sciutto

CNN host Jim Sciutto delivered a scathing assessment Monday of President Donald Trump's performance at the weekend's G7 meeting, branding the commander-in-chief's time at the summit a "parade of lies."

Sciutto rattled through a selection of Trump's remarks from the summit, which took place against a challenging backdrop of political strife in Europe, the U.S.'s ongoing trade war with China, a burning Amazon rainforest and Trump's assertions that Russia—kicked out of what was then the G8 after its annexation of Crimea in 2014—should be readmitted to the organization.

First, Sciutto pointed to misleading statements regarding the trade war with China, which has undermined confidence across global markets and raised fears of an impending economic downturn.

At one point, Trump claimed there had been calls between high-level officials in pursuit of a new trade deal to end the dispute. "The only problem, China's foreign minister's office says it is not aware of any calls and no one else from the Chinese government has come forward to say that they participated," Scuitto said. "So how did the president explain that discrepancy?"

The White House cited a statement from China's foreign ministry to support the president's assertion, which Sciutto suggested was far less significant than Trump claimed. "Why is the president framing it as something new today in a call that wasn't a call, but just a general public statement?" he asked.

"A parade of lies. President Trump and the White House forced to clarify, spin and backtrack on numerous statements made by the President today on the world stage of the G7 summit meeting."

CNN's @jimsciutto recaps President Trump's time at the G7 summit in Biarritz, France.

— OutFrontCNN (@OutFrontCNN) August 26, 2019

The G7 took place as the Amazon rainforest suffered record-breaking wildfires, affecting some 2.3 million acres of land in Brazil and 1.8 million acres in Bolivia thus far.

While the G7 nations pledged $22 million to support fire-fighting efforts—a sum dismissed as "chump change" by Greenpeace and refused by the far-right anti-environmental Brazilian government regardless—Trump was conspicuously absent from a session addressing the threat of human-made climate change.

Asked by a reporter whether he attended, Trump said it was his "next session...but we haven't had it yet." But Sciutto noted that the climate change meeting "had already happened," and broadcast a clip of the president's empty chair at the event.

The White House excused Trump's absence by pointing to arranged bilateral meetings with the leaders of Germany and India, but—as Sciutto pointed out—both Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister Narendra Modi were at the climate change discussion.

"The problem here is that both the leaders of Germany and India were at that climate change meeting, as the photos showed very clearly, while the president's chair remained empty," Scuitto said. "And [if] climate change has not already made you dizzy, there was more to come."

One of Trump's stranger claims from the busy weekend was that First Lady Melania Trump has gotten to know dictator Kim Jong Un, and agrees with the president that the hermit authoritarian North Korean nation has "tremendous potential."

Trump has taken great pride in establishing relations with North Korea, though little of significance has been attained in the way of denuclearization, disarmament or sanctions relief.

Nonetheless, Trump and many of his supporters consider his contact with Kim to be a historic achievement and evidence of the president's deal-making abilities. Trump's critics, however, claim the president is being exploited by Kim for strategic and propaganda value with little to show for his efforts.

"Perhaps you don't recall ever seeing the First Lady meet Kim Jong Un," Sciutto said. "That's because she has not met with the North Korean leader. So how does the White House explain that discrepancy?"

The host pointed to a clarifying White House statement, which read, "President Trump confides in his wife on many issues, including the detailed elements of his strong relationship with Chairman Kim, and while the First Lady hasn't met him, the president feels like she's gotten to know him, too.'"

Sciutto concluded, "I know that is not new. This happens frequently. But the succession of misstatements, misleading statements and in many cases just outright falsehoods today were truly remarkable."

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President Donald Trump gestures during a joint-press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron in Biarritz, France on August 26, 2019 during the G7 summit. LUDOVIC MARIN/AFP/Getty Images/Getty

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