'What We Do in the Shadows'' Mark Proksch on That Colin Robinson Twist and Season 4

The What We Do in the Shadows Season 3 finale was full of surprises, and Colin Robinson's fate was the biggest of all.

The energy vampire (played by Mark Proksch) died suddenly on his 100th birthday in Episode 9, only for it to be revealed at the very end of Episode 10 that he had in fact been reborn and is now a baby.

Proksch spoke to Newsweek alongside showrunner Paul Simms and Executive Producer Sam Johnson after the finale to discuss that unexpected twist and what fans can expect from Colin in Season 4.

Colin Robinson is a baby

Proksch, ever the comedian, joked that making Colin a newborn was "lazy writing" before he quickly said: "No, I thought it was great. You worry about getting pigeon-holed as a one-line or a funny move character like [Steve] Urkle or whomever.

"And, I just think that it's to the point with Colin where the first season a lot of what he did was feed and annoy people, second season got away from that a little bit more, and this season he's much more integrated into the rest of the group and doesn't just feed the whole time.

"I think at this point though it's a great twist to throw in for fans, because the last thing you want when you play an annoying character is to become annoying."

Explaining the writers' reasoning for making Colin a baby, Johnson said: "We were always trying to figure out what is an energy vampire, where do they come from? This is sort of a new [thing] there isn't a lot written about energy vampires so we get to make it up, and we were looking for some fun way to explain Colin.

"I know one pitch in the room was that he sheds his skin, that he molts, that he is for a time extremely vulnerable.

"But Paul took that idea and turned that into this whole season-long arc with the surprise at the end, and really what is more vulnerable or energy-draining than a baby?"

Simms added: "That's true, one thing that we talked about is that unintentionally babies and children can really be energy vampires on their own.

"I mean, we love them and they're cute but they're exhausting and they do tend to say the same stuff over and over again."

Colin and Laszlo's unexpected friendship

Proksch also spoke about how Colin and Laszlo unexpectedly became friends over the course of the season.

Sharing his thoughts on working with Matt Berry on developing that new dynamic, the actor said of him and his other co-stars: "It's always really fun, I enjoy playing off of each of the actors for different reasons.

"Harvey [Guillén] is a great straight man, Kayvan [Novak] it's like playing with a cartoon and his character is so dim that we can go to places and be actually mean without being too cruel.

"Natasia [Demetriou] is just a brilliant comedian and makes me laugh harder I think than anyone else on the show.

"And Matt has just this voice that anything he says is funny and having my character who is pretty squirrely and dorky playing off against such a blow-hard is really fun. It's classic odd-couple pairing that really works as a duo."

Simms claimed that their intention in Season 3 was to see how they could make Colin and Laszlo become friends, even if it may have seemed impossible.

"In the earlier seasons the few interactions that Colin and Laszlo had had together we enjoyed and we really wanted to see them become friends," he explained.

"But, it just seemed absolutely implausible that the most annoyed character and the most annoyable character would become friends, and that's how we sort of built this Laszlo having secret information and wanting to be very much unlike himself and become a friend to Colin because he knows there's a tragic ending ahead."

Of fans' reactions he added: "We were hoping and were glad that there were people online halfway through the season saying 'this doesn't make sense, why are these two friends? Why are they hanging out together? Why is Laszlo being nice to him?'

"And it was delicious that it actually had a completely logical reason that you don't understand until the very end."

Johnson admitted his favourite moment was in Episode 5, "The Chamber of Judgement", when Colin and Laszlo visit their neighbor Sean.

"Colin Robinson starts talking like Jar-Jar Binks and Laszlo's response is 'don't you find that voice annoying?' and Colin says 'no I find that voice very funny indeed' and I could play that over and over on a loop, because I feel like that's the kind of interaction I had with my own father for years and years," he reflected.

"[Colin's] trying to get under his skin somehow [with] that sort of patronising but still in a way that is a somewhat affectionate, not completely dismissive response. I don't know, that to me is such a beautiful part of that relationship."

What We Do In The Shadows
What We Do In The Shadows
What We Do In The Shadows

Splitting up the vampire family

As well as delving into Colin's origins and how he has come back from the undead, the finale saw vampires Nandor (Novak), Laszlo (Berry) and Nadja (Demetriou), and familiar Guillermo (Guillén) part ways.

Nandor decides to travel the world while Nadja goes to England to take a position on the Supreme Vampiric Council, her husband Laszlo was meant to join her but instead sent her off with Guillermo so he could help baby Colin.

Simms explained that they decided to split them up "to be surprising", and added: "Even though they're vampires, and they're lazy, and they don't get around to changing their lives, they each have something unfulfilled.

"[There's] Nandor's search for love and his realisation that the universe doesn't centre around him and his existential crisis, and then [with] Nadja we've always talked about [how she] was turned into a vampire at such a young age, that she never had a chance to do anything with her life or have any position of power or do anything, so it's her ambition that sends her off.

"You think Guillermo's worst nightmare is not being turned into a vampire, but an even bigger nightmare for him is his whole family falling apart and scattering, and I think that was a big part of it."

With all the characters scattered across the world the question remains whether the show will go abroad with them, and Johnson was quick to say: "I can answer that, yes!"

Chipping in, Simms added: "We've always talked about doing a whole season in England, that's not going to be this next season but it is something we've always wondered about.

"What would happen if we took them completely out of their [home], out of Staten Island. They've been there for 200 years, they know nothing else.

"There's a taste of that in the beginning of next season but it's also something we might do in the future."

What We Do in the Shadows Seasons 1-3 are available to stream on FX on Hulu now.