Who is Jason Rubin? Britney Spears Requests Accountant to Replace Father

Britney Spears' attorney asked for a new conservator to be appointed to oversee the pop star's finances.

The 39-year-old singer's recent testimonies have expressed her wish to have her father Jamie Spears removed from the conservatorship and charged with abuse.

In a Los Angeles court filing, lawyer Matthew Rosengart requested that accountant Jason Rubin be named the conservator of Spears' estate, The New York Times reported.

The newspaper said that Rosengart also filed a petition to remove Jamie Spears as a conservator.

Rosengart has just taken over as the singer's legal counsel in a major court victory that saw Spears permitted to select her own lawyer for the first time in the conservatorship's 13-year history.

In his petition to the court, Rosengart noted that if Spears' has the capacity to choose her own lawyer, then she "likewise has sufficient capacity to make this nomination."

Earlier this month, judge Brenda Penny accepted the resignation of wealth management firm Bessemer Trust from Britney Spears' conservatorship. It had been appointed as co-conservator with Jamie Spears in February 2021.

Court documents also listed Spears' estate as containing $2.7 million in liquid assets along with $56.3 million in investments and real estate.

Rosengart added, in the petition to remove Jamie Spears: "Any father who genuinely loves his daughter and has her best interests at heart should willingly step aside in favor of the highly respected professional fiduciary nominated here."

According to the filing, Rubin's appointment would give him: "The power and authorization to pursue opportunities related to professional commitments and activities including but not limited to performing, recording, videos, tours, TV shows, and other similar activities as long as they are approved by the conservator of the person, the conservatee's medical team."

Who is Jason Rubin?

Rubin is the president and co-founder of Certified Strategies, Inc., located in Woodland Hills, California.

Experienced in forensic accounting since 1993, his website states that he has "managed complex trust portfolios" and "has experience in working on financial elder abuse litigation."

On LinkedIn, Rubin states that he is a "certified public accountant, accredited business valuator, certified in financial forensics, expert witness testimony, fraud investigations, licensed professional fiduciary for complex trusts and estates."

Rubin's company is experienced in handling conservatorship cases.

"As California Licensed Professional Fiduciaries, we have substantial experience in trust administration, conservatorships and probate estates. We have been entrusted to administer over $250 million of assets," Rubin said on LinkedIn.

"It is our goal to work with all parties that would result in effective and efficient administration of the estate assets by utilizing our expertise in business, financial, forensic accounting and related legal matters."

The next status hearing in the case is scheduled for September 29.

Free Britney
A protester holds up a sign during a #FreeBritney Rally at Stanley Mosk Courthouse on July 14, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. The group is calling for an end to the 13-year conservatorship led by the pop star's father, Jamie Spears and Jodi Montgomery, who have control over her finances and business dealings. Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images