Woman Backed for Filing Complaints About Neighbor's Security System

The internet has defended a woman for filing a complaint about one of her neighbor's security systems.

Published to Reddit's r/AmITheA**hole forum, stylized as AITA, a woman under the username u/Aitaspecifics described her story to determine if she was in the wrong. The viral post has 8,000 upvotes and 800 comments.

The Redditor began to explain how one of her neighbors installed a new security system that detects movement on their property and when it goes off, it's very loud.

The original poster (OP) reassured the reader that she wouldn't be bothered by it if it wasn't so loud. She explains that she can't have any windows open or spend time outside because she can hear the emitter go off.

"It has gotten to the point where I noticed I pretty much have a constant headache and can't focus on anything and it only started when this sound started," she wrote.

Do you have a problem with one of your neighbors? Here are some things you should look out for before filing a complaint. Be sure to keep a record of the behavior that's disturbing you, research the rules, politely communicate to your neighbor, talk to other neighbors about their thoughts on the matter and find a way to compromise, per moving.com.

Neighbor complained about loud security system
A Redditor took to the r/AmITheA**hole forum to see if she was in the wrong for filing a complaint about her neighbor with a loud security system. Srdjanns74/iStock / Getty Images Plus

She discussed how she is the only one home most afternoons due to working at night. However, she and her brother are the only ones that hear the sound as her parents don't.

To find out who has purchased the security system, she went door to door to see whose it was. The first two people she spoke with told her that it wasn't them. The third person she tried wasn't home. She went back a few times until a man answered on the third try. He admitted that the emitter was his. She asked if he could turn it off or turn down the volume as it was disturbing her. He told her the system didn't have a volume button and refused to turn it off.

She wrote: "He then went on a tirade complaining about cats pooping in his yard and kids using the stone posts in his front yard as a hangout spot and more or less ended up telling me there is nothing he could do and for me to deal with it."

"I checked if these things were legal, turns out they were but I also read that if there are enough complaints they may be forced to take it down, so, well, that's what I have been doing," she continued.

She wrote that a few of her neighbors have also filed complaints.

"It turns out the house he lives in is a rental and the owner is trying to evict him due to the large amount of complaints, given there are basically no houses to rent in my area," she said.

She admitted that she feels "Karen-ish" for filing complaints, referring to the slang term, which describes a "Middle aged woman, typically blonde, makes solutions to others' problems an inconvenience to her although she isn't even remotely affected," according to Urban Dictionary.

In a recent comment, the OP revealed that the neighbor has since taken the emitter down.

"He has now taken it down, I guess to avoid eviction but I heard the owner of the place is going through with it. Renter protection is really good here though, so he may not be able to as he took it down," the OP wrote.

The "AITA" community rushed to defend the OP in the comment section.

"[Not the A**hole]. The reason your brother and you can hear it but not your parents (also the reason it works to dissuade kids from being there) is because as you get older the highest frequency sound you can hear reduces. The whole point is for it to be unpleasant to people who can hear it," u/Cookyy2k received the top comment with over 12,000 upvotes.

U/Naryan17 wrote, "[Not the A**hole] You asked him politely to stop the noice that is bothering you and he blew you off. Complaining was the only option you had left."

"[Not the A**hole]. You went to him first and he was a jerk about it. It's not just you It's bothering. He can take it down or get evicted," u/attabe123 exclaimed.

Newsweek has reached out to u/Aitaspecifics for comment.