Woman Blasted for Booking Her Wedding One Week After Sister Gets Married

A bride-to-be has had a major falling out with her sister after her sibling announced she was getting married the week after her.

Now neither woman is planning on attending the other's nuptials following a major argument between the pair in the build up to their respective big days.

In a post shared to Mumsnet, the original would-be bride writing from the U.K. explained that she has had her wedding date "booked for 18 months" after being with her partner for five years.

By contrast, she says, her sister got engaged "after a year of dating." However, it was the fact she then "straight away booked her wedding in New York" for a week after hers that has proven the biggest bone of contention.

"What hurts is that she didn't pull me to one side and explain why they had done this, instead they announced their plans over Christmas dinner," she wrote.

Though she said she "wasn't bothered about her stealing my thunder" or the fact her mom's time had been taken up with "dress shopping" for her sibling, matters came to a head during a tense phone call with her sister in which she asked that they extend their stay in New York.

Having been loaned the money for the flights by her mother, both she and her partner were eager to turn the trip into a "mini moon holiday" that would include her three children.

But she says the mention of the word "holiday" set her sibling off. "She became very rude and explained it wasn't a holiday but her wedding and she accused us of only going because it was free!" the woman said. "We could only get out there with my mom paying because she booked it one week after ours!"

Despite trying to explain that they were merely calling it a holiday as they will have "just got married," her sister "ignored" her calls and "doesn't seem to acknowledge she's done anything wrong."

As a result, the woman said they have now canceled their flights to New York and her sister has been "uninvited" from her wedding.

Though her response may have been extreme, many felt she was justified given her sibling's extraordinary behavior. "I think that's absolutely crazy behavior from her," GingerSunday wrote. "I would think it weird if a friend booked their wedding a week after mine. Nevermind a sister!"

Coronawireless said it was one of two things. "Either you are invisible and unimportant to your sister and she didn't even think about you when planning her wedding," they wrote. "Or she is doing it on purpose to upstage you and maybe force your mom and other family to publicly 'choose' between you."

LethargicActress said her sister was "being crazy" in planning her wedding for a week after. "You have done the right thing by canceling your flights," they added. "Just get on with your own wedding celebrations and enjoy a honeymoon somewhere you'd actually like to go."

Onewednesdayindecember felt it was "some strange jealousy thing" and the woman's sister was being "deliberately awkward." DeeCeeCherry, meanwhile, suspected the sister didn't want to be at her wedding and was "likely hoping" people would skip her sibling's nuptials and "go for the excitement of a wedding abroad."

PermanentTemporary, however, urged the woman to "calm down and re-invite" her sister. Although, they told her to press ahead with her honeymoon plans rather than head to the wedding in New York. "Absolutely she is acting incredibly badly," they wrote. "Unfortunately you'll get nowhere by retaliating."

Though it might seem exciting to the bride and groom, destination weddings place a financial burden on the guests.

As BrideBox notes: "No matter how much they want to share in the most important day of the couple's lives, they will have to pay for travel, accommodations and a wedding gift.

"In addition, they will need to take time out of work, make arrangements for pet care, obtain travel documents when necessary and myriad other obligations that go along with traveling to a distant location."

Siblings have been at the center of several notable wedding day dramas on social media.

One man recently garnered criticism after it emerged he was trying to ban his sister from being involved in his wedding despite the fact she was paying for it.

A would-be groom, meanwhile, sparked fury after trying to convince his bride-to-be not to invite her autistic sister to their big day.

Two arguing brides.
Stock image of two angry brides. A woman has been left furious by the timing of her sister's wedding. JudahArt/Getty