Woman Discovers Dog Is 'Cheating' on His Girlfriend: 'They All the Same'

A pet Poodle has landed himself an extended stay in the doghouse after his owner discovered he has been doing the dirty on his girlfriend.

In a video viewed 6.1 million times on TikTok, the dog's owner, posting under the handle fabismontanez1, shared footage of her canine cavorting with a Chihuahua from down the street.

A Jack Russell with two different dogs.
Stock images of a Jack Russell with two different dogs. A dog owner has discovered her pet pooch has been two-timing on his doggy girlfriend with a Chihuahua. Anna-av/Wavetop/Getty

The discovery surprised many on social media but the idea of dogs enjoying romantic relationships isn't necessarily an unusual one.

A 2014 study by academics from the University of Tokyo found that positive interactions with other canines can prompt the release of oxytocin—the love hormone—in dogs' brains.

Oxytocin plays a crucial role in social bonding, whether it be familial, friendship or romantic. In the case of canines, it can prompt feelings of passion or devotion for another dog.

In the case of this particular canine, however, it would appear that that passion is not limited to just one four-legged friend. Check out the damning footage here.

As the video explains, the poodle's owner began to suspect something was up when she realized her dog wanted to "bet let out around the same time" every morning.

Curious to find out what was going on, she decided to check their Ring security camera to see if anything suspicious was going on.

That was when she noticed the same Chihuahua making a beeline for their garden fence every morning around that exact time.

Eventually she discovered the truth: that the two dogs had been exchanging sniffs and licks through the fence. Worse still, on at least one occasion, the Chihuahua found a way into their yard, where she ended up getting cozy with the Poodle.

That might have all been fine were it not for the fact that, as the video shows, this particular Poodle has a girlfriend, a Yorkshire Terrier by breed, waiting for him at home.

Disappointed doesn't quite do justice to the reaction on social media. "Even dogs cheat," natalycenteno_ said "Can't trust no one nowadays." 510.jocelynn, meanwhile, commented: "They all the same."

Sstephanie._.ss said: "Girllll I'm actually shook" with chubnasties666 writing "You tell the girlfriend or we will. she deserves to know."

Some tried to stick up for the dog's wandering eye. Familiaryetdifferent argued: "I don't see any rings on his paws as far as I'm concerned, he's a free man."

However, those claims fell on deaf ears for many. "He out here CHEATING when his girl in the house keeping their bed clean and toys put up," RosieMarie1993 said.

Newsweek has contacted fabismontanez1 for comment.

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