Wedding Guest Slammed For Making 'Inappropriate' Speech About Groom's Crush

A wedding guest has been accused of making a "tasteless" remark during a speech intended to pay tribute to the bride and groom.

Wedding speeches are notoriously tricky affairs that need to be planned, practiced and perfectly pitched to ensure the happy couple remain exactly that.

What might seem like a funny story to some, can be a source of irritation or upset to others, so it's always important to run things by somebody before trying it out on the big day.

Jokes and stories are especially fraught with danger, with some deemed offensive, while others are a little too obscure to properly connect with guests.

A woman giving a wedding speech.
A stock image of a woman giving a wedding speech. One wedding guest has been accused of going too far during her speech paying tribute to a happy couple. Creatas/Getty

As Laurie Battaglia, keynote speaker and workplace strategist explained to Brides: "It's okay to look back at childhood and refer to something funny, but ask yourself if you'd like 200-plus of your closest friends knowing that story about you."

Every once in a while, however, a guest may end up putting their foot in it with an ill-advised gag or inappropriate reminiscence that leaves either the bride or groom unhappy.

That appears to have been the case for one female wedding guest posting to Reddit under the handle throwaway594297.

According to the post, the woman had always planned to give a speech at her high school friend Christian's wedding to his new wife Victoria, despite the fact he had "serious unrequited feelings" for her a few years back.

"He eventually got over me, and I had never even let his feelings harm our friendship," she explained. "If anything, our friendship honestly got closer after he got over me."

She said that despite their history, Victoria "didn't really seem to care" about Christian's "past feelings for her." Or at least she didn't until it came to their wedding day and a comment made during a speech that was supposed to be paying tribute to the happy couple.

"I jokingly mentioned how Christian had the hots for me, but that didn't matter because he found his soulmate and that our friendship was stronger than some unrequited feelings," she said. "Most of the crowd laughed, and I could even see Christian smiling for a second before seeing Victoria's confused face."

Though Christian later thanked her for the speech, the woman later learned Victoria was "really upset" at her for "bringing up" his previous feelings at their wedding.

"Apparently, Victoria genuinely had no issue with Christian's feelings, but felt it was inappropriate to mention them at a wedding," she said. "Everyone I've told is honestly split on whether I'm the bad guy or not, so it's definitely been polarizing."

While friends and family appeared split on the appropriateness of her comments, social media felt she definitely crossed a line.

"How tasteless," Windyafternoon wrote. "Oh you pulled the 'he was into me first card. He was in love with me but I turned him down and so now he's with you.'"

EruOreki concurred, writing: "This screams 'I should always be the center of attention,' intended or not."

Noblestromana felt the woman posting, "can deny it all she wants but this was not about celebrating years of friendship… but about stroking her own ego one last time."

AnniaT commented: "I'd be mortified if someone said this at my wedding. Not because I don't trust my husband, but because it'd make it seem that the person is saying I'm second choice after he loved her for 3 years."

Sassafrass0074, wrote: "I wouldn't be okay with my husband being friends with someone who, at best, is so thoughtless I was embarrassed at my own wedding and, at worst, pulled a weird power move."

"Congratulations," IllustratorSlow1614 added. "You told the entire assembly of wedding guests that the bride was the groom's second choice. It wasn't that you did a speech that was inappropriate, it was including that anecdote when you really didn't have to."

Newsweek reached out to u/throwaway594297 for comment. We could not verify the details of the story.

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