Woman 'Kidnapped' During Friend's Proposal so She Won't Ruin Surprise

A romantic marriage proposal doesn't usually involve a virtual kidnapping and muffled screams—but one man on TikTok managed to get a "yes" from his beloved despite both of them.

In footage posted to the video-sharing app by user Aleena Marnee, a group of three woman can be seen from behind posing for a photo.

A man is behind the group on one knee and, once the photo has been taken, the woman in the middle turns around to see her boyfriend with a ring box in hand.

The woman on the left steps aside, clearly in the know about the surprise, but it is the friend on the right who steals the limelight.

This is because she is grabbed by a man—later revealed to be her husband—who puts his hand over her mouth and drags her to the side so she doesn't spoil the moment.

The woman looks flabbergasted, with arms flailing and eyes bulging in shock.

The woman in the center, clearly amused at her friend's reaction, then turns and steps forward with her hand on her heart to accept the proposal.

Text overlaying the footage reads: "So our cousin didn't know about the proposal … and we knew she'd be extra. So her husband had ONE job … don't ruin the romantic moment. Definitely a much better reaction than we anticipated."


You gotta do what you gotta do…#proposal #engagement101 #kidnapping #ohno #wedding @alexiscallham @malachianderson15

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The clip, shared on July 1, is captioned: "You gotta do what you gotta do...#proposal #engagement101 #kidnapping #ohno #wedding."

The footage has already been watched more than 25 million times and garnered 4.4 million likes.

Thousands of comments have been left on the hilarious clip. One TikTok user, PrettyBright, wrote: "It's the fact that you can tell by her reaction that this was 1000% necessary she would have ruined it."

Khristina Bernal added: "Why do I have a feeling that's not the first time he's had to do this with his wife?!"

Amy Kinkade typed: "That's true love right there she's not even mad cuz she knows what had to be done."

An account with the name User2742108554940 gushed: "He went into straight kidnapper mode!! This is absolutely beautiful!! Congratulations!!"

Shadow Hacker posted: "He said shhhh it ain't your moment to shine."

Breanna Chung-Mayhew joked: "He basically kidnapped her so she wouldn't embarrass him... my husband does this to me."

Louis Giordano wrote: "He pulled her away like Secret Service."

Although the "extra" woman in this clip did not spoil the romantic moment for her friends, another TikToker recently shared a video in which a passerby nearly did ruin a proposal by starting an argument about scattered rose petals.

Newsweek has contacted Aleena Marnee for comment.

A marriage proposal
Stock image of a man asking a woman to marry him. In a recent TikTok video a woman's friend was dragged away so she would not ruin the surprise proposal. Getty Images