Woman Makes Raw Chicken Cake and People Are Horrified

A woman decided to whip up a raw chicken cake which is horrifying the internet, with people branding the dish a "nightmare."

Artist Tatum Parden decided to expand her culinary skills and bake an illusion cake resembling a raw chicken leg. Everyone knows in its uncooked form, chicken is a forbidden food, which is why the realistic cake is causing such a stir online.

Parden, from London, shared a clip to TikTok showing the process, as she started by baking a vanilla sponge.

The sculpture student said in the now-viral clip, viewed more than 5.5 million times since being shared on Tuesday: "I'm making a raw chicken cake. I don't think I'm going to find anyone stealing slices of this one. Sometimes my genius is almost frightening."

Tatum Parden's raw chicken cake.
Tatum Parden's raw chicken cake. The artist horrified people after making a raw chicken cake. Tatum Parden/@cucumberskinlinguine

Parden explained to Newsweek why she decided to bake such an un-appetizing cake, saying: "I chose to do raw chicken because it's one of the few things that both doesn't look suspicious in the fridge but will also make you physically ill if you eat it. Two birds with one stone. Also I'm a sculpture student and I thought it would be fun/good practice to sculpt."

The 19-year-old confirmed the entire thing is edible, adding: "The cake flavor is just vanilla. The whole thing is edible, it's wrapped in modelling chocolate which I sculpted to make all the details and then it's painted with gel food dye mixed with alcohol to dilute."

And she revealed she hasn't eaten it yet, as she has bigger plans for her masterpiece. "I'm planning to marinate it in caramel sauce and put it in the oven but I've eaten the scraps from the cake carving process," she added.

Parden has her sights on bigger, more festive, challenges, adding: "I might do a whole raw turkey for Christmas.

"But before then I'll probably start making some moldy foods like maybe a moldy sandwich. I do like making birds for some reason though, like I did a pigeon one a while back which I had to keep in the fridge for a while looking suspicious."

Tatum Parden's raw chicken cake.
Tatum Parden's raw chicken cake. She plans on adding caramel to give it a cooked look. @cucumberskinlinguine/Tatum Parden

The TikTok clip was captioned "it's all fun and games until the Victoria sponge gets marinated," and has amassed thousands of horrified comments.

Sprout declared: "I wouldn't even eat it after knowing it's cake."

Ellen wrote: "Babe you're very talented but this has ruined my week."

And Redquillbane dubbed it: "Scarily realistic."

"You're really talented but the skin made me gag," Roasted Pecan commented.

And Buggaboodle jokingly asked: "Does it come with salmonella too?"

One person shared a tip to improve the dish, saying: "You can melt sugar and apply it with a small pin to add the little hairs on the skin."

While Grace Swain added: "You should make this into a series where you make raw foods that are really cakes and eat them in public and get people's reaction."

Tatum Parden's raw chicken cake.
Tatum Parden's raw chicken cake. The artist says the entire thing is edible, and make from Victoria sponge. @cucumberskinlinguine/Tatum Parden