Great Dane Shocked by Daycare Call Delights Viewers: 'False Accusations'

A hilarious clip of a Great Dane apparently listening to a voicemail from his daycare service calling him out on bad behavior has gone viral on TikTok with more than 2.4 million views.

In the video, a woman can be heard leaving a message explaining that a dog has been humping all the other canines at daycare. "He's overstimulated, literally humping everyone, and a lot of the dogs don't like it. He's social, but he's more concerned about humping everybody than he is..." the message goes.

As the voicemail plays, Gifford the Great Dane from Austin, Texas, can be seen looking incredulous at the "false accusations."

One TikTok user commented, "He is shocked and appalled, these accusations are absurd!", while another wrote, "Dying!!! Omg lol his face!! Like, huh? Me?!"

The audio is in fact from a voicemail left for New Jersey-based Liana, who owns Kai the Alaskan Klee Kai who can be seen in the video above, after his first day at daycare.

Dog being told off
Stock image of a naughty dog. A Great Dane has been filmed reacting to "false accusations" in a hilarious video on TikTok. smrm1977/Getty Images

Why Does My Dog Hump Things?

Lots of dog owners know the embarrassment of having to remove your pet from a visitor's leg, or a stranger's dog in the park. But what makes some canines, even those who have been 'fixed', incessantly hump anything they can find?

It's tempting to yell, grab your dog or accidentally make a scene, but with training and restraint, owners who have dogs with this unfortunate habit can proactively redirect the behavior.

According to the American Kennel Club, "humping is a very common behavior. You are far from alone in having a hump-loving dog. And, despite appearances, it's not necessarily sexually motivated."

Speaking to the AKC, applied animal behaviorist Dr. Mary Burch asserts that humping very often has nothing to do with sex, rather an attempt at dominance, and can sometimes be a sign that a dog is stressed, overstimulated or just generally acting out.

"When a pillow or stuffed animal are the objects of your dog's affection, there's a good chance the dog has simply gotten excited and overstimulated," says Burch. "Rowdy play can cause some dogs to get out of control."

The AKC also states that excessive humping for no clear reason may also be a sign of a medical issue. "For instance, humping can signal infection or irritation, or, in male dogs, prostate problems.

"It is also true that, in certain cases, humping is a sexual, pleasure-seeking behavior. The likelihood of humping being sexual in nature is greater in younger dogs that have not been spayed/neutered."

How Do I Stop My Dog Humping?

Pet-nutrition brand Purina suggest the best way to stop your dog from humping is to figure out why they do it, and prevent it. "Work out when your dog is likely to start mounting and direct their energy onto a more appropriate activity," the brand says, "such as walking with you or doing some training together."

If your dog is irritating other canines, then it's up to you to step in and take charge of your dog. "Owners should not feel embarrassed by this natural canine behavior," asserts Purina, "but need to prevent other dogs getting hurt or annoyed. If both dogs are happy with the situation, then no need to interfere but always keep an eye on dogs playing together, as situations can change quickly."

Distraction techniques if your dog humps inanimate objects can help, and if it's humping your guests, put your pet on a lead and reward calm behavior.

Newsweek has reached out to @giffordthegreatdane for comment.

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