Woman Reveals Secret Pantry Only Accessible by Walking the Plank

A house hunter was blown away by a secret pantry in a house she was viewing, which was only accessible by walking a plank.

The woman, called Buttercupcheerup online, uploaded a video to TikTok, as she shared the hidden feature with followers.

A man, who calls himself Slick online, thought to be her partner, pulls down on a handle in the ceiling to reveal what resembles a drawbridge over a staircase.

The wooden structure forms a walkway, and an automatic light comes on revealing a fully stocked pantry built into what appears to be eaves storage.

The prospective buyer walks into the brilliantly designed pantry and looks around, as Buttercupcheerup revealed they made an offer on the house, in an unknown location, but were beaten by a rival.

The clip has amassed more than 3 million views since being shared last week, as Buttercupcheerup raved about the design, calling it "the coolest so far."

Along with the hashtags "walk the plank" and "hidden pantry," she said: "One of the many houses we've looked at. We made an offer on this one, sadly we didn't get it."

Scores of people commented on the clip, trying to decipher the layout of the house, with Buttercupcheerup confirming it's not the attic space, contrary to popular opinion.

She explained it was: "Under the stairs that go upstairs. Consider this the middle of the house. It wasn't the attic. Temperature regulated. Only one of the badass features the guy had done."

In the comments she confirmed it was located near the kitchen, after people reckoned it would be a hassle trekking to the secret pantry for ingredients when cooking every meal.

"Wouldn't be a need to do it all the time. There was plenty of kitchen and pantry storage. This was additional hidden storage for non-everyday items," she said.

And for those worried about falling through to the steps below, she reassured people: "It was amazingly sturdy! The two of us and our realtor crossed it. Very well built."

While most hadn't seen this design feature before, she theorized it may be more popular in old houses.

She added: "I didn't realize how common this is. So many people have commented that they've seen or done it. A lot of older houses for sure!"

Commenting on the design, Malorie said: "I'm totally going to make one of these now."

Pickypirate reckoned: "Now that's a panic room. It's got a drawbridge and everything! Completely undetectable."

Hector Pedraza joked "For forbidden snacks!"

PB thought: "I would not be able to walk that plank to get food all the time."

Manda said: "This is genius and now I want to do it."

While Tina Green Eyed Girl added: "Good use of that wasted space on the stairs."

Newsweek reached out to Buttercupcheerup for comment.

File photo of a stocked pantry.
File photo of a stocked pantry. A woman has shared the hidden secret pantry in a house she was viewing, accessible only via walking a plank. SuriyaDesatit/Getty Images