Woman's Hilarious Harry Styles Run-in Delights Internet: 'I Would've Cried'

A woman revealed in a now-viral video that she once met Harry Styles at a Saturday Night Live (SNL) afterparty, but the interaction didn't go as she might've hoped.

The video was posted to TikTok on Wednesday by Ariel (@arielgitlin), who wrote: "My Harry Styles story." It has garnered over 94,000 views and hundreds of commenters from viewers who said they "would've cried" had the hilarious interaction happened to them.

At the beginning of her video, Ariel said she was inspired to share her story after watching a video of Brittany Broski, a social media personality and Harry Styles superfan, meeting the singer.

Broski's interaction took place in May at Styles' One Night Only event in New York. A viral TikTok of the sweet moment shows Broski and Styles hugging and conversing backstage as their respective teams watch and record.

Harry Styles
A woman revealed in a now-viral video that she once met Harry Styles, pictured above, but the interaction didn't quite go as planned. Cindy Ord / Staff/Getty

Though Ariel met the singer at a 2019 SNL afterparty with her best friend—her experience meeting the popstar was much different than Broski's.

"I was so excited to meet Harry and my best friend was very supportive," she said. "She also liked Harry but she was there to support me [and] wing-woman me to meet him."

Ariel said she and her friend stood in the same place all night, waiting for Styles to walk by. When he finally did, Ariel "worked up all [her] courage" and said: "Hi, Harry. I love 'Watermelon Sugar'—that [song] was great."

Styles thanked Ariel for the compliment and then turned to her best friend—who, at the time was sporting a shaved head and a pink jumpsuit reminiscent of the outfit Styles wore on his Fine Line album cover—and said: "I have been looking at you all night thinking you must be amazing."

Ariel's friend told Styles she dressed especially for him, to which he responded: "You look amazing." Ariel, who was still standing between the two, then blurted out that she also "dressed up" for Styles.

"He looked back at me and, you know, very kindly said, 'You also look amazing,' which was generous," Ariel recalled.

The video ends with a picture taken that night of Ariel, Styles, and her best friend. "Here we are, just three best friends," she concluded.

Viewers thought the story was hilarious, but admitted that they would've cried if they were her.

"This would be my villain origin story," TikTok user tylerstasi wrote.

"Um I would actually be heartbroken and I would have hella beef with him after that," Carly said.

"I would've cried," ximena commented.

Ava mcghee added: "I'M LAUGHING SO HARD but good for you."

Newsweek has reached out to Ariel for comment.

Styles' Other Viral Moments With Fans

Styles is known for his hilarious fan interactions, especially those he has while on tour. Last year, he made headlines after giving a fan relationship advice in the middle of his set.

The viral moment began when Styles noticed a fan holding a sign that read, "Should I text him?" to which he responded: "My personal opinion is that if there are any sort of games, [then] trash, trash, trash, not for you."

The "As It Was" singer went viral again about a month later for helping a fan come out to her mother during one of his shows.

"Lisa! She's gay!" Styles shouted to the arena.

Speaking to PopCrush earlier this year, Styles said his fans are "incredible" and he loves the atmosphere they create at his shows.

"The atmosphere is incredible. I feel that as well, that is something [that] very much comes from the fans. It's a bunch of strangers who come together and become a family to just celebrate and have a good time," he said. "Everyone wants to feel free and have fun and that really gives me space to just have fun and have the best time. I'm really happy that everyone else feels like they can do that as well."