Xbox Series X Restock Update for Walmart, Antonline, Target, GameStop, Best Buy and More

After a few restocks last week, the Xbox Series X is completely sold out across the nation. However, you can find the cheaper Series S model at a number of outlets.

Below is a breakdown of the latest information on Xbox Series X restocks.

Walmart Xbox Series X Restock

Shortly after we published our last update on Thursday, August 5, Walmart replenished its Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 supplies.

Although console trackers had not forecast this particular drop, it did not come as a surprise either, as Walmart typically updates its inventory on Thursdays. With only a handful of exceptions, the outlet rarely deviates from this established pattern.

As per usual, the Thursday sale occurred at 3 p.m. ET, at which point Microsoft's console was listed for the recommended manufacturer's price of $499. The availability window lasted longer than expected, with the hardware intermittently going in and out of stock.

You can no longer purchase an Xbox Series X from Walmart directly, but its website is hosting a few independent resellers right now. Of course, if you decide to buy from one of these traders, you will be charged an inflated rate, with some second-hand units reaching costs of up to $929.

While there is currently no word on when the next official Walmart restock will take place, it is nearly always on a Thursday at 3 p.m. ET.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Walmart

Antonline Xbox Series X

You cannot get the Xbox Series X from Antonline but, as is fast becoming a new trend, the alternative Series S model is readily available on the website.

You can still get the cheaper console in three different bundles (each coming with spare controllers in a variety of color options) that are equally priced at $364.98. If you are willing to settle for the less powerful hardware, then this is a fair deal.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Antonline

Sam's Club Xbox Series X Restock

The Series S is also available at Sam's Club, where it is bundled with a controller grip, a charger base and a Tritton wired headset for $339.98.

The Xbox Series X, on the other hand, remains sold out.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Sam's Club.

Best Buy Xbox Series X Restock

Best Buy is normally one of the more dependable outlets when it comes to Xbox Series X restocks, but it has not had one for a while now.

If it does replenish its inventory this week, it will almost certainly be on Thursday (as per usual). Console tracker Matt Swider has previously noted that Best Buy's restocks are often conducted between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET as well, so that potentially narrows it down even further.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Best Buy

Microsoft Store Xbox Series X Restock

Alongside Best Buy, Microsoft's official storefront has recently been one of the more prolific vendors of the Xbox Series X.

At the time of writing, units are totally sold out but that could change at any minute, as the retailer's drops have become quite erratic lately.

In the meantime, you can always try volunteering for the new "Console Purchase" pilot to get an Xbox directly from the source. More in-depth instructions on how to do this can be found here.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Microsoft's Store.

Target Xbox Series X Restock

A few months ago, Target announced that it would no longer be coordinating nationwide Xbox sales. This means that individual stores are now in charge of scheduling their own restocks, based on local inventory levels.

As such, you will need to get into the habit of regularly checking the console's availability at nearby locations. To do this, you can search by ZIP code on the retail chain's official website.

We have found that it is best to do this first thing in the morning, as that is when most stores update their listings.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Target

Newegg Xbox Series X Restock

An Xbox Series X has not been featured in a Newegg Shuffle since Wednesday, July 21.

For context, Newegg does not directly sell next-gen consoles through a virtual line like most other retailers. Instead, it runs lottery draws (known as "shuffles") that you can enter for a chance at making a purchase. This system is generally considered to be fairer than a normal restock, as you do not have to be active at the precise moment that a drop goes live.

To be alerted when the next Xbox Series X shuffle will be running, follow dedicated console trackers like @mattswider and @GYXdeals and turn on notifications.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Newegg

Amazon Xbox Series X Restock

Amazon was last selling the Xbox Series X during its Prime Day flash sale over a month ago. While the marketplace is certainly overdue for another restock by now, industry analysts are unable to predict when that might occur.

Until then, the only way that you will be able to add an Xbox Series X to your basket is to purchase one of the many second-hand units that are being offered by independent scalpers.

Like Walmart, Amazon allows third-party users to trade on their website, enabling them to stockpile coveted items and then resell them for jacked up prices. For example, there is currently an Xbox Series X listed on the website for $999.

Given how extortionate these deals can be, you are probably better off waiting for the next official Amazon restock.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Amazon

GameStop Xbox Series X Restock

Microsoft's next-gen hardware is sold out at GameStop at the time of writing.

If you plan on buying from this retailer when the console is next available, it might be worth signing up for their "PowerUp Rewards Pro" membership.

The reason we recommend this is that their last few sales have been reserved exclusively for premium customers, leaving everybody else unable to place an order. You can join the scheme for $14.99 on the GameStop website.

Check Xbox Series X restock at GameStop

Costco Xbox Series X Restock

Both the Xbox Series X and the Series S are sold out at Costco. If the situation improves any time soon, @mattswider and @GYXdeals will update their followers.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Costco

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Xbox Series X and Series S
Image shows the Xbox Series X (in black) and Series S (in white) on display ahead of the console's release. CHARLY TRIBALLEAU/Getty Images

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