August 01 Issue

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Migrant Hunters

As Washington stalls on immigration reform, some ranchers in Texas are taking matters into their own hands
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The World’s ER

The World’s ER

Gaza City—A Palestinian woman mourns at a hospital, still wearing clothes stained with the blood of relatives who medics say were wounded in Israeli shelling as the latest war between Israel and Hamas escalated. On July 25, Secretary of State John Kerry was dispatched to Cairo to “push for an immediate cessation of hostilities,” and President Barack Obama joined the United Nations in calling for a cease-fire. At least 25 Israeli soldiers and two civilians have died in a conflict that has also seen rockets fired at Tel Aviv and militants from Gaza tunneling into Israel.
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Labor Pain

Kyle Grant was living in a homeless shelter when he interned at Warner Music without pay. Now he’s suing the massive music conglomerate—and bringing 3,000 other ex-interns with him.
New World

Running with Numbers

The amount of unadulterated information we’ll soon have access to day to day will make “big data” seem as quaint as “surfing the web"

Love and Rockets

A new retrospective of Chuck Jones’s animation reminds us of a time when Hollywood had more spunk and cartoons weren’t for kids