Elisabeth Braw

Stories by Elisabeth Braw

  • 1-3-13_DL0502_Poland1

    Final Frontier

    The border that set off WWII is crumbling as Poles and Germans forget the past
    European Edition Version
  • Opera

    Italian Opera's Grand Finale

    The opera houses that launched Verdi, Puccini and Rossini are going bust
    European Edition Version
  • 12-6-13_DL0644_Belgium

    The Child Killers

    Belgians are set to allow doctors to persuade children they should die for their own good
    European Edition Version
  • Germany

    Crooks at the Top

    The impeccably upright Germans are reeling from a succession of financial scandals involving high-ups from the president to a Catholic bishop
    European Edition Version
  • 11.8_NeoNaziQueen1

    The Making of a Neo-Nazi Queen

    Germany’s trial of the century heats up as a bad mother takes the stand
    European Edition Version