June 12, 2013 Issue

Cover story
Celebrities are the new makers and breakers of the market. But are they patrons of the creative classes or just looking for a good investment?

It's All Greek to Him

Five years ago, Chobani didn't exist. Now it's a billion-dollar business. How the son of a small-town shepherd made good.
In Focus

A Time to Cast Away Stones

After 25 years of protest, women have gained the right to pray alongside men, and to sing and don prayer shawls and tefillin at Jerusalem’s Western Wall. Though the court approves, the Orthodox public does not.   Several dozen men prayed in solidarity with the Women of the Wall and even served as a barrier between the women and the hecklers, some of whom threw eggs.
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The New Mrs. Putin?

After the Russian president and his wife announced their divorce last week, signs point to a growing role for Putin's rumored mistress.
Scientists get bashful around old bones.