July 24 Issue


When Rape Goes Viral

Social media is forcing Americans to confront the scourge of sexual assault more openly and honestly than ever before—even as it also destroys the lives of individual victims. The horrific Catch-22 of rape in the Internet age.
Chinese Earthquake
In Focus

Chinese Earthquake

A series of earthquakes rocked northwestern China on July 22. At least 89 people were killed and hundreds more injured by falling rubble from collapsed buildings. The Gansu Provincial Seismological Bureau measured the main earthquake at magnitude 6.6 on the Richter scale, devastating a mountainous region that is home to 26 million people.
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The Inspirer

Talia Joy Castellano was a role model for children with cancer.

Brave New World

Will an even more populous planet lead to greater suffering?
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Growing Up Maggie Carey

The writer-director and recovering overachiever checks ‘debut film’ off her to-do list.
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