August 16, 2013 Issue

The Bullshit Police

Inside a brilliant, nerdy, arrogant, sort of admirable, sort of insufferable movement that questions everything—and wants to upend the way you live and think.
In Focus

Jumping for Joy

Athletes gather in Moscow for the 14th IAAF World Championships in Athletics from August 10 through 18.The steeplechase is one of more than two dozen categories in which international athletes compete. The next competition will take place in Beijing in 2015.
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For his new movie, Lee Daniels took an unconventional approach when choosing the actors to play a succession of presidents.

A Certain Smile

Archeologists are trying to finally identify the real-life Mona Lisa by exhuming skeletal remains and DNA testing.

Paradise Lost

Zanzibar, once famed for its palm trees and attractive beaches, is becoming known for radicalism, religious violence, and, most recently, a shocking acid attack.

The Mayor vs. the Judge

In a fight over the NYPD's "stop and frisk" tactics, Bloomberg takes on the referee in what she calls a "below-the-belt attack."

Of Tails and Tales

Wildlife, storytelling, dung, and other things I encountered on my Zambian safari.

Color Comes to Life

An iPad app lets you interact, literally, with Josef Albers's theories of color.

The Martial Artist

Zhang Ziyi on saying no to Hollywood, Chinese taboos, and being the new face of kung fu.

A Tinge of Blood

The Spanish master Javier Marías returns with another intellectual whodunit.