September 27 Issue


What’s Next?

The fight for same-sex marriage will soon be won, but that isn’t the only way the gay-rights movement can change America. A manifesto for an impending cultural battle.
Murder at the Mall
In Focus

Murder at the Mall

Terror seized an upscale Nairobi mall beginning September 21, when gunmen rained bullets and grenades on unsuspecting civilians, 67 of whom are confirmed to have died over the following days. The Somali Islamist group Al-Shabab has claimed credit for the attack. Five militants were killed by security forces, and 11 are in custody. It’s rumored that one of the attackers was a woman.
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Righteous Fury

The American who prosecuted a notorious African war criminal for a decade.

A Menace for Good

Hall-of-famer Brendan Shanahan punishes those who target the head.
bw inner map
New World

Our Inner Map

Humans are born with an innate understanding of geometry and symbolism.
bw computing

Cool Computing

New transistors could lead to laptops that don’t burn your lap.
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The Story of Willie

Nashville rejected him as a singer, but he turned out to be one of the best songwriters in history. This is how Willie Nelson—poet, author, activist, cowboy, outlaw, outcast, misfit, and everyman—became the enduring face of American music.

The Show That Changed the World

Whether the 1913 Armory show was about shocking the public or bringing European sensibilities to American shores, its bottom line is clear: it sold Americans on modern art.
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