November 08, 2013 Issue

Cover story U.S.
We looked at Newsweek's JFK coverage and enhanced it to tweets
In Focus

A Farewell to Arms

Congolese soldiers guard suspected M23 rebel fighters who surrendered in Chanzo village in the Rutshuru territory near the eastern town of Goma, November 5, 2013. Democratic Republic of Congo's M23 rebel group on Tuesday called an end to a 20-month revolt after the army captured its last hilltop strongholds, raising hopes for peace in a region where millions have died in nearly two decades of violence.
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Too Buggy To Hack

Thanks to its elaborate computer filing system, the CIA has secrets that not even Snowden could find

We're All on Crack

A morbid fascination with the urban drug somehow casts Toronto mayor Rob Ford as a cultural adventurer

Eating Our Words

Foodism has turned every restaurant outing into an adventure, and every dish an epiphany. What happened to, "I'm hungry?"